Video by Don Deloro

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combinated Motion edit to one motion and adapt for my Pink Alice by me

Lip sync by
dl here:

Chinese Belly Dance Motion ...
In my video i hade adapt this motion for my Alice model

Stage:Harlem Stage by

Model Pink Candy Alice edit by XXXXXXXXX from the original Kakomiki Alice (AH-Software)
Pink Candy Alice is not for share.

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Cute and relaxing!

Yes, thank you so much.


Thank you.

This outfit on Alice deserves 3 thumbs up everytime =)
Motion looked good.

For the outfit: cookie to Squishi Eringe her have edited for me.
The original Motion you can dl (dl link's in the description) !


すごい、本当に素晴らしいとセクシーなミュージックビデオ、私はあなたをとても好き :D

Thank you

Where can I download this motion? The link in your description is not working.

i send you

Thank you.

the eyes - moving side to side - give you a real life like model! excellent work

The motion is created for tda models and not from me, by loading this on my Alice model she get a crazy movement with her eyes, so i must change this. Thank you for your comment.

Where can I download this motion? Want, thank you