Download .wav and motions:!I1QkHb6A!qU6cY2TO5Obb7X3GnC-pNT_TYq0nUVvfpFvSTPKBgtE (you need my edited camera or you can edit Mikusaki's camera yourself to match with my slightly longer song duration, but the motion is just Mikusaki's unedited motion)

Original song: Hurts Like Hell By Fleurie

Remix arrangement, sound design, mixing and mastering by Awaclus
Guitars performed by Awaclus
Vocals performed by Glipper Berry (not a collab, I just found her a cappella cover on YouTube)

Motion by Mikusaki
Camera motion by Mikusaki, edited by Awaclus

Model: Maho Nishizumi v1.0 (Race Girl) (J&J's edit)

Stage: Yuusnan Battle Stage by Square Enix/MoogleOutFitters/TwoSidedMMD

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