Not a Christmas theme video from me, but i wish all Iwara User a very peaceful christmas time 2018 and a
happy new year 2019. And dear Santa please, please, please give my Sister a little bit more time for life.
A special thanks go to my Friends on Discort and best wishes for the next year and in the next year i come back.

Video by Don Deloro
Please never reupload my Video's to other sites or forum, you can set a link to here.

Song: A Light That Never Comes
Motion: by Ureshii
Models: Pink Alice's World Crew and the Jamaica Boy from CFC
Big Black Truck from JMatt379:

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\(OWO)/ merry xmas to you don! and have a wiggly new year!

Thank you

Thanks for the video, and merry Christmas to you too!

Thank you so much, and thanks for your lovely word's to my.

That was a cool video, Don. Seasons Greetings

Thank you so much.

Tee Hee
Fröhliche Weihnachten
Looks good

merry christmas for you, and thank you.

Season's greetings, Don, and a prayer for your sister.

Thank you so much, my sister is very sick and she have maximum six months for life.

Looking forward to seeing whatever you've got planned next!