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i have waited for your video!

New body is looking very good. Would love to see this motion or similar with a duo or trio, even if it's just headswaps.


Gran trabajo y más por favor si puedes.

Your Haku has changed a lot over time, which is good and shows that you've been concerned about evolving. But after your last update where the boobs have been greatly enlarged, I can't help but notice the bugs in the chest when the arm goes over. Most of the songs cause deformity in the breasts for not having a breast this size.

I still think Haku is excellent from the waist down, but her boobs have caught my attention.

I hope you understand my comment as constructive

I love that this song came back! One of my favorites from yours was the last one you did, obviously I loved the closeup on her butt in the chorus XD


Wow Haku's thighs and butt look super good in this pink fishnet bunnysuit!


Excellent work, thank you.

Reeeeeally liking the thicc butt. :) So very nice. :) Here's hoping for your first ever Ghost Dance... :D She looks fantastic.


Amazing & Awesome!

I might be in the minority here, but I'm not a big fan of the new boobs. Not because of the size, but because MMD's breast physics make them move like they're made of rubber, especially when the arm movements in the dance interact with them. I understand it's ridiculous to be disappointed from a lack of realism in an MMD video, but I still feel like Haku's old body worked better in your videos.
Side note, where did you download this model from? I've been looking, but had no luck.