MMD video: Haruka - Kiramekirari

There are 3 reason to celebrate:
- Cherry/Sakura blooming
- Easter (2018 => 1.&2. April)
- Haruka Amami birthday (3. April)

Markus7P's Note:
It is a quick work, not realy prepared work.
I would liked to put mare sakura trees, and done better egg arrangement.
But 31040's big sakura tree is very heavy, and MMD got slower.
The videoclip's video Bit rate is 7309 Kbps (audio 241 kbps) but I'm not pleased about the video's picture quality
The sakura tree consume the video's picture quality.

So I think I've done better job than this.
But I didn't want to let out the opportunity, to put these 3 theme (sakura blooming, Easter & Haruka birthday) together.

くらうち / Kurauchi
- バニースーツ / Bunny Suit

ごこまる / Gokomaru

- バルーン / Balloon

データP / DataP
- AdultShaderS2

Sakura Tree: 31040
Easter Egg: TehPuroisen

DO NOT re-upload!!!

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