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★Credits / お借りしたもの★(敬称略)

Model/モデル : MrJinSenpai
Motion/モーション : シガー, ノン
Camera/カメラ : 鷹羽はるひ
Stage/ ステージ : 椛暗

Add-ons: mmd_tools, AnimAide, WiggleBones

Stage lighting is always a bit difficult in Blender since stage surfaces can pick up diffuse/glossy reflections when you're using lights to illuminate the character. In this case, I found an interesting workaround to allow illumination while also keeping the stage relatively dark. I hope to continue making additional improvements in future videos.

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She’s cute and sexy, but is there any chance of her being in a sex video?

No, unfortunately not. Blender takes forever to render videos and I only do MMD videos; you can find videos of Hibiki by other people though on Iwara if you search for her on the Ecchi site.