Model: Mikasa Ackerman by KakoMiki
Motion: New Thang by Nejime
Stage: PDF Canterella Stage by Dan1024
Video Shader: AdultShader

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan
© Wit Studio
Stage from Vocaloid Designed by Sega
New Thang by Redfoo
Trace Source:

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Works with VIVE, Oculus and Standalone

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Needs nudity :^ )

She hot... but poker face make she like a doll...

Yea the face rigging wasn't done on this model but worked as my very first try at MMD lol.

Very first try? Wow that is some great-ass quality though!

lol thanks, AdultShader ftw! Though it's taken me a full year to start trying better character detail like the Hinata one.

The model, song and movements are great, but the fast camera spins are to much.
Like a camera mounted on a squirrel on speed. XD

But hell, why does almost nobody use this great model? What an epic waste.