MMD video: Haruka - Kiramekirari Tea (Tea Time Happiness Angel version)

There are 3 reason to celebrate:
- Cherry/Sakura blooming
- Easter (2018 => 1.&2. April)
- Haruka Amami birthday (3. April)

Markus7P's Note:

This is the other "Haruka - Kiramekirari" video "Tea Time Happiness Angel" version.
It is also quick work, but I've got the settings already (only push a few frame of Ami's "Kiramekirari TTH Camera motion").
And last week I've made/done the Haruka Tea Time Happiness Angel model.
The videoclip's video bit rate is 6981 kbps (audio 241 kbps).
Also I've uploaded the video 3 times because the first one have a to much credit (changed the bunny suit version credit and the sakura tree and easter egg credit hadn't been removed).

くらうち / Kurauchi,
- ティータイムハピネス / Tea Time Happine

ごこまる / Gokomaru

Camera Motion:
Markus7P (By Me)

あゆい / Ayui
- アイドルホッシーワステージ / Idol Hosshiwa Stage

データP / DataP
- AdultShaderS2

DO NOT re-upload!!!

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