Welcome to first Morag solo, the posing videos. i wanna create an alternative morag image outside her usual military uniform, something more party-ish =] also cos i really love this song back in early 2000, so gotta bring the good music back.

anyway, because there's lot of things coming up, mostly the commitment stuff from personal side, i am afraid i have to slow down mmd video, probably wont make as regular as before, we will see how it goes.

no nudity version planned for this version.


Morag: by MisterOrzo
body base - YYB base

Sublab - Castles in the Sky (feat. Seven)

[Created by Metra-philia] Pose Pack 19
Pose Pack 1 - Snorlaxin
Pose Pack 3 - Snorlaxin
セクシーポーズ集(床10種)v1.1 by ポーズデータ作成者 涼一 https://twitter.com/Ryoh_ichi
Pose Pack by ozwalcito

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