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★Credits / お借りしたもの★(敬称略)

Model/モデル : MrJinSenpai
Motion/モーション : アガちん
Expression/表情 : LiSA
Camera/カメラ : koogek
Stage/ ステージ : じん

Add-ons: mmd_tools, AnimAide, WiggleBones

I saw @LilyOnlyCh 's MMD video for this song; the cover version of this song by みけたま is really good. I think her channel is no longer active, but please check out the links for her cover above. I haven't done an outdoor stage in a while so was good to learn how to environmental lighting that isn't too sharp in Blender; I've tried to reduce the brightness so it's not washed out. I also rendered a basic ocean water effect below the stage; pretty easy to create effects directly in Blender using it. Hope you enjoy the video! ♥

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