Video by Don Deloro for all Reuploader

A big thanks to the teams from the websites "_______" and "MP3 Epic"
and thanks to my friends for tell me

Model : Original Alice by Kakomiki (AH Software jp)
edited for Don Deloro by my Friends

Song : Baby fuck you self - Nightcore copyrights ???

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I had no idea that YouTube actually accepted softcore! :D

The channel "Yuri Bai" is deleted now after second Report !

How much later? Your report gave him 2 "copyrigth warnings" and 0/1/2 "sexual content warnings" as well. A channel is deleted when it has three simultaneous warnings of the same type. Each warning expires after 90 days. (1 report of 2 videos = 2 warnings).

After first report from me and delete my content from YT admin, this user hade reupload my content a second time ! After my second report to YouTube hade delete this channel and stop this User! I do not who gave a warning for the sexual content.

anyone know the name of the song?

The name from Song is written in the description.

I think that people, no tiene madre!

so poeple like only himself.

I don't think that this will have any impact on reuploaders. They don't give a shit about you or any other creator on this platform.
What counts for them are many views. I've even seen people advertise their own sex-websites explicitely with content from creators from iwara.

Yes you are right