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Starship Troopers klendathu drop
Burenai ai de by Mitchie M
starship troopers news reels

All skit motion by me
dance motion by くつろぎ生きる on bowlroll.net

Assault Lander by 32rabbit
desert terrain by CrazyDave55811

All Virtual Venus are edit model made by me jurihan
Composed with: "Miki" short blue hair, "Giselle" curly brown hair and "Zatsune Miku" aka evil dark miku
StarshipTroppers helmet import by me
Starship trooper suit edit by me
Original suit by UnrealXActor
Arachnid converted by me on xps Hellraiser-89 model import
Utas gun by AbyssLeo

All Starship Troopers Rights goes to Robert A. Heinlein, Paul Verhoeven, Touchstone Pictures, TriStar Pictures.

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