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So, I'm working on nsfw stuff on cgtrader :
I'll try to put mmd models there for direct downloads. Since, deviantart bots and mediafire seems to be having issues right now .


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I want spider model,but not available.Recovery please.

aragog is back up. But, please beaware. I updated my model rips will have to be donated to. If anyone wants the key. The reason for this. Is harry potter models are not brres so you cant just extract the iso to dump hp models.

I had to spend a whole night playing in 10-16 fps while doing hundreds of save states. So being it took way to long. I dont want false dmca on the models. So Im trying to use adfly and, mega to protect the models.

so as of now my model rips are donate to access while sfm/ gmod to mmd is free to access. I do apologize if this seems unfair. But, playing games on a 2004 system and, spending hours just to get 1 model. than, have people try to get my stuff taken down.

I really dont wanna have that risk or, have to re rip the models again.

Bag, your models look very very very very very very very swell up the bum-bum.


You never heard of Drew Pickles? He would get turned on with the content you make.



Could I make an animation request?

@X3Brima: What the hell does this even mean? Is this an insult? You seem to be mad about gay stuff and furry stuff so I'd assume so, lmao

If you don't like gay stuff. Don't start harrassing me. Because, it's not you're cup of tea. You will be blocked and reported .