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Thank you for your video,good luck

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Probably the most complex/dense content around (imo). Thank you for sharing your works here.

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Great vids, but have you removed a lot? I enjoyed all, but most seem to be unavailable now.

Have you only 14 video's here?

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It's cool, I really like your work

great works!

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Thank you for your video.I very like your videos.

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Always a wonderful video Thank you.


Great work!

I like your videos. Please follow me.

I'm Very Happy of the Fact that you've decided to "Take me" Into your Friends** dear Squishy_eringe

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I like your work from a long time ago.
Because your videos with lots of models are very luxurious.

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Love all the details in your videos and please share more of those yummy cookies ^^

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squishy_eringe, your video is very nice. I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

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Why did Project Jackie end in just 1 true episode? I just discovered it, and I really wanted to see a continuation where the idol girl actually goes nude stage. Unless I am just missing episode 2? Can you make continue it if episode 1 really was it?

Hi! For now there isn't anything planned with Jackie due to a couple of reasons at the time:
1.) While she looks great from the front, she had some problems with her physics especially when it came to really rigorous motions, so she required some more time in the pmx editor to fix
2.) Around that time, the mainline cookie fun girls (airin and friends) have recieved new and improved bodies and I was thoroughly impressed at the results.
3.) Jackie doing a nude dance number felt like much of the same old I've been doing back then. Meanwhile doing ermakes of my older videos with the new effects, updated models, and newer tech (such as non-linear video editing) felt much more fresh
4.) By 2017 it is no longer possible for me to revisit the file as I had lost all data due to my old HDD dying. I've pretty much rebuilt myself by downloading everything as well as using backups of the models but basically the exact same file is no longer available to me.

EDIT: In many ways happy happy school is the spiritual successor to jackie's video since it has that long scene of the performers making their way to the stage while an ecstatic audience cheers them on

I suppose then that maybe make more things like it? Corruption, embarrassment, and exhibitionism, are my big 3 fetishes. Nothing is better than a girl who starts embarrassed about nudity, but then realizes she enjoys it (because she's been corrupted into being a pervert), and then starts doing it on purpose. THAT is why I loved it, it had everything. It had an idol who has probably never shown nudity being shown nude in a spy video she didn't know about, that then she started obviously aroused about, then the creepy people did something to her mind to corrupt her, and next thing you know she's getting naked in front of people on stage. She went from embarrassed and shocked and pure, to embarrassed BUT TURNED ON and happy about being naked in public. Not to mention the whole... I don't know, "not taking this back" feeling to it? She was obviously an idol, the kind never meant to show nudity, but threw it all away to become a nude and slutty one.

It's still a bit hard to explain why that is particular hit me so hard, but I hope you get it. I ended up watching most of your project work after finding that, mostly skipped the one off standard MMD videos though. I preferred your stuff with some sort of storyline. You did have other things similar to Jackie, but nothing that quite hit that 'throw away your purity and reputation because you've realized getting naked in front of people is awesome' like Jackie had. It had a stronger corruption angle than anything else I saw of yours, and that is a big part of why I liked it.

I hope I don't sound demanding, but I really do hope you do more of that PARTICULAR style of corruption and ENF and exhibitionism. It's weird, it was short, incomplete, and had problems, but I still think it was your best work because it hit all my weaknesses perfectly. It had that perfect balance of the trinity, while the rest of your stuff veered too heavily into one of the three to really hit that perfect point for me. Not that I expect you to cater to me, but I really want you to do more of Jackie's style. Even if the nudity isn't that frequent, it's the IDEA behind it that adds significantly to how hot it was. And Jackie didn't have THAT much nudity, but it used the nudity in a flawless way.

making the videos you describe is what i do like making, aside from whatever silly ideas come to mind that i can work on. they just take time to complete since i want to do more than just "show 5 minutes of the girls with clothes on" then bam! "suddenly sex"
also, what about project rin 2017? idk if you've seen it but it seems to match what you have in mind

Te agradezco de todo corazon por aceptame y te prometo seguirte siempre fielmente.
te mando muchos besitos. Tu amiga: Bea.

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A ti cariño, es un placer conocerte, hasta muy pronto, besitos en donde mas caliente te ponga.


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Thank you for sharing these videos.

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Happy New Year, squishy_eringe! I look forward to your new posts in 2021.


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Amazing videos.
Please accept my friend request, your videos are so good.Thank you for sharing these videos.

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