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Love your work!

Thank you!!


Love your work too!!

It is almost ready. Thank you.

Excited for those upcoming vids!


Hard as a rock. Liked and followed, when can we expect more?


Haha, im glad you like it. Thank you, im not sure, but there are 2 or 3 songs that i always wanted to use for a video.

Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

Hey friend, I'm watching Toxic right now,and have it on replay, I've been watching it for awhile,and I'm really impressed with the quality of this video. Are you just starting to do mmd? If so, I see a very bright future in animation for you. Do you need help with costs? Let me know ok?

Thank you so much, yes im starting. I wanted it to be better that average videos, so i used raycast effect and self made animations (that was hard for me) but im pretty satisfied with the result. Im thinking to upload a HQ version and i will fix some issues maybe.

Waiting patiently for the HQ version of your first video! Been following your work for a long while now, and I'm happy that the video finally came out! Good day my friend, and thanks for the great work!

Thanks to you for follow my work, im working on that already. Have a good day too.

can you post a dl for your male model if possible
it looks nice

Love your work!

Thank you!

I will do it soon.


Impressive stuff you have here Shark .

Thank you!! I'm trying to offer you something unique.

Thank you for a wonderful movie.

You are welcome. Im glad you liked it.


You are welcome.

very good!

Thank you!

i love you~

Hahaha thank you haha.


Are you supporting me already? Thank you, who are you in Patreon?

视频做的太好了,就是有点慢慢的 (○ °△ °)っ

视频做的太好了,就是做的有点慢慢的 (○ °△ °)っ

作者先生,虽然听上去很蠢╰(*´︶`*)╯,我订阅了你的ptreon并且查看到了mega的密钥但是我不知道如何使用它。能帮帮我吗( ̄∀ ̄)

What is your name on Patreon to help you?

刚才你已帮我解决了( ̄∀ ̄)


大佬,能给我个好友位嘛,我非常喜欢你的作品,求你了,真心的,我非常想要Brother, can you give me a friend position? I like your work very much. Please, sincerely, I want it very muchお偉方、友達をくれませんか。私はあなたの作品が大好きです。お願いします。本当に、私はとても欲しいです

Sure, im glad you liked it.


Oh thank you so much!!

Hello, I have been very fond of your works since I entered this platform, so I really hope to become your friend. If you are willing, I will be very grateful.



Patreon supports Paypal, i think you alreqady fixed your problem, thank you for your support!

Watching again some of your older and newer videos today. Really great stuff, let me say. BTW I hope you can accept my friend request.

Thank you Observer, yeah, sure.



OMG,you must be one of the best creator in the world!

Thank you!!

Thank you for following.
Looking foward to see your better job.

Thanks to you!! I really like your videos too.


Yeah, sure.

Thank you for sharing these videos.


Nice work!:3

Thank you!


I really really love your videos,hope you do better and better in the future

Hi, I enjoyed watching your video.
I'd also want to see your private videos.
I would be very grateful if you accept my friend request. Thank you.

Thank you guys, i will accept your friend request but i dont make private videos.

Those Kangxi videos are amazing.
May you make many more great videos

Thank you!

Amazing MMDs!!

Thank you!


Your video is wonderful. I like your videos. I hope you will accept my friend request

more baltimore's video hope,my friend.



They're amazing!!
Please allow me to be your friend.

Thanks guys, i dont make any private videos and i accept every friend request so dont worry.



Done, thanks for following my work

Hope your problems disappear, and you and yours get better. good luck best wishes.


Things are going better, thank you so much!

Let me se if i can.

大老做的視頻很好看 能加個好友嗎? 謝謝

Thanks for watching, yeah sure.


Thank you, sure.

Really loved your work since you started in iwara and still has more aspects to show. Thumbs up and also ever consider Genshin impact waifus in the future?

Thank you so muchg for following my work bro, Its possible, the other day i was looking for models, i like Eula.

Really like your work。
Look forward to more works!


Thank you, yeah sure!

大大 想看更多kangxi 作品真的很棒 期待期待~

Amazing! Great works. Could I make a new friend with you please?

Will you accept my friend request

Please become a Friend

Hi, your videos are awesome. Please accept my friend request!

very friendly creator I see all comments are replied in here :>

Love your work!

When will it be updated again?

🦈Shark man I'm your fan, hope you can agree to my friend request😽

thanks for your videos i very like then


Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request



SHARK 100的目前的运镜技术放在这个网站,可以说是非常有自己的特色了,从以前MMD的大众风格,一直在关注你了,到现在有非常不错的转变.要是有遇到创作困难的话,不妨来这个作者找找灵感吧,顺便可以加个好友嘛?加油哦,Shark 100

Love your work and thank you very much! Please accept my friend request and will follow and like.

Hurry up to update,lazy ass.