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Hey! It took a long time after the YouTube channel was blocked and I created a new one.
I also created a discord server where the newest updates and free videos in the best quality will be published.

ねえ! YouTubeチャンネルがブロックされてから長い時間がかかり、新しいチャンネルを作成しました。

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Very enjoy your first work, looking forward for your future work :)

Thank you so much♡ But this is not my first job, you can check out my YouTube channels there are more R18 MMD:

plz add to friends ...

Added! ❤️

Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

Nice to meet you!
It's a very good video, so please register as a friend if you like.

Following you here & now on YT . Would like to be a friend ...

Thanks! I think that in the future my YouTube channel will be blocked due to nudity, but I'm not upset because Ivara and Patreon will always be active.

After watching a few of your YT videos , I realized they were 1080p versions of your Iwara uploads - nice ! I was recommended a video earlier this year the featured full-on nude futas ! Talk about being surprised .....

Full-on nude futas beautiful! If you want me to do MMD with futas , write :)

Sure , futas would be great !

Thank you for sharing these videos.

i love you~

i love you~

i love you~

i love you~

sorry ;; computer error;

thank you for accepting my friend's request


I love your later videos! Could accept my friend request?


I love your videos. Great quality and nice attention to details. I sent a friend request. Keep up the excellent work.

Hi, I enjoyed watching your video.
I'd also want to see your private videos.
I would be very grateful if you accept my friend request. Thank you.


Please become a Friend




Found you on YouTube.
Thank you for your great MMDs.
Looking forward to more videos and possibly with XXX; P


Saw you had to remove your YT Vids? :( was following both channels.... I think I know the guy who reports MMD’s to YouTube... he hates them, tells makers to stop but follows channels/play lists.

Don't worry about it, I did not delete, but hid all the videos, I believe that the Rika Mizuno channel should release normal (Not naked) versions of the videos, if the channel is deleted, I will create a new channel and upload even more content

ah.. ok... just wondering as like i said sub'd to both channels and there's always one ass who will report anything out of spite!

where is video??

If you are new to Iwara click on the red Ecchi button

pretty mmd , thankkkkk you



o( ̄▽ ̄)d

I really enjoy your videos. I hope you accept my friend request

I enjoy your video. Could you accept my friend request?

I love your works!

Nice work,i love your video!!!

Thanks ZUROH (´꒳`)♡