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I am an art appreciator.
I'm not creating my own videos...maybe, someday i will.

nah lol

O~( 'w' )~ you still get a cookie

Oh! Hello there!
I did accepted your friend request!
So, welcome!

art is love and love is war, war is chaos, chaos is life. art is life, pussy is life :0 so anything can be art, if you seperate between "this is art" and "this is no art" you actually dont appreciat about 99% of artworks, makes you not a appriciator of art but an ignorant snob. yup yup

I don't see any reason, why ignorant snob cannot be an art appreciator. )))))

well because appreciate art has something to do with being tolorant, appreciat people for their effort and sharpness of mind :3 im not very tolorant so fk art xD i appreciate only entertainment ;D so i dont appreciate somethig well done, only those things which have done something good to me xD quiet egoistic

Yeah! I am still here!