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This new site will take some time to get used to


Thank you for your video,good luck

My pleasure!

Your videos are amazing, especially your Futanari videos!!!

Thanks! I'll be sure to make another futa video soon

gooooooooood like you


Your videos are amazing, ESPECIALLY YOUR FUTANARI VIDEOS!!!

Hi!takeru,your works are very nice,and I am looking forward to your new videos,good luck~

Glad you like them! Thanks for the support! ^^


I love futanari
Your video is amazing!!!!!



I miss your work. :( I hope you can find the time for MMD again!

I Also miss your work

i'm huge fan of you!

thanks for your return




Hey, love the videos! Hope to see more in the future!

Glad you like them! I'm actually working on a new one at the moment ^^

Just love all your works. I am big fan of u. Look forward to new video. Good luck!

Will you be updating any of your previously made videos with the awesome new models you have now? That would be amazing!!

I'm not ruling out the possibility, but at the moment I prefer making new videos ^^

Your work is extremely beautiful, it reflects a great effort. I miss your videos.

Thank you very much for your video!


Wonderful works Thank you for sharing

I hope at some point you get back to making some more great videos especially your futa videos.


kon ok!




Nice to meet you
Followed you

Hi! Thanks for following. Have fun ^^

I have followed since like i found this, i really like your videos~ it is really great

Your Cock Hero vids are just amazing. Please make more Cock Hero vids

Could you make futanari KON videos?

great fap hero vids, the best! hope you make more

I just did - check it out! ^^

ECHO R18ver remake plz.

Thanks for the suggestion! What do you think I should change? ^^

hmm...No major changes.
I'd be happy if it was created with R18ver.
Thank you.

Why did you stop making futa content?

I lost my old models in a hard drive crash and haven't come across a new penis model I'm happy with :/

Hello? Any new works soon? I'm like the many others interested in what you do! Thank you!

Yep, there's a new video coming really soon! Thanks for staying interested ^^

Thank you!

Hey, good to see you're still around - it feels like a lot of the people whose MMD videos I liked vanish after some amount of time. The videos of yours I like the most are the two set to With an Unblurred Eye; you mentioned losing your models in a hard drive crash so no more futanari versions, but is there the possibility of more videos featuring sex toys in future?

I love your K-ON! Stuff! You're a legend!

@Ketsuban: Thanks for sticking around! Sex toys are fun, I'd love to use them again. My first priority at the moment is finding some good pantyhoses for the girls. Poor Keita has been waiting patiently for 3,5 years now for a pantyhose video 0.o If I ever come across a good dick model which haven't been used to death already, I'd love to make futa content again too.

Thank you for the best video!
Is it possible to upload previous videos to MEGA?
(Including deleted ones.)

You're a king


Great video! Please accept my friend request! thank you!

Make friends.


Hi, thanks for watching my videos! The best way to keep up to date with my work is to follow me on Iwara and/or Twitter ^^