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Really enjoy your videos!

Your videos are crazy good ♥ And thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous models! You rock!! ~

Thank you for your video,good luck

Always thank you for having you edit many models. : )

Look forward to your new work!!

bro i have news for you....bad news
the guy who is the responsible for killing your deviant account and other pages is that fag damesasuke
i hate that guy since citrusmoothies destruction
now this is personal >:(


Where can I find your Ikazuchi and Inazuma models? Thank you.



can you make kantai collection kongou 18model?

Follow please

Ban request for an illigal activity


oh did the big man hurt your baby feewings?

grow the fuck up you 27 year old autistic child. the world isn't your "safe space" that you're trying to make it be.

> Akomni
Illigal activities have their panalties, this 33 years old man is trying to force me to pay for a click link that is free from money payment - He does that by trying to annoy me. If this website cannot be my safespace, then it cannot be his safespace either, which is just why I report him - since what he is doing is indeed illigal. My only question to you is why you try to protect him when you claim that this area shouldn't be someone's safe space, can we protect one another or not? I keep remind you that I never mate this man before he jumped on me and we never had a single chat beforehand.
Edit: By the way, I told him allready that I am willing to withdraw all of my reports on him (including the wall comments) if he were to remove his comments from my videos. He refused.

^Did this guy get banned again?
I'm assuming he did carry out his threats but his actions went against him.

In response to omglolthisguy,
In no way is putting his own, ORIGINAL content behind a paywall is considered illegal. Let me break it down for you so you can understand the difference in legality because you have no idea.

What is legal:
Putting your content behind a paywall so only subscribers/donators can access it. Asking for donations is no different. You CAN ask for donations. (Sure you can even tell people to donate, but that is frowned upon. Not illegal).

What is ILLEGAL:
Making money off of copyrighted content without the creator's permission.
After a user downloads said content, if the creator threatens and/or blackmails (extortion, basically). THAT is illegal.

In most cases creators have no basis in order to threaten people as most downloaders are anonymous, and by threatening JandJ, you would not even be hurting him. By some miracle does your report go through with your "solid" evidence, the only people you would be hurting are innocent users who wished to download his models to use for their own videos. Also, you really need to work on your arguments because they are seriously weak. If he threatened you, wheres the evidence? Simply name calling and insulting you is NOT evidence.

By my remark with the "safe space", I was only pointing fun at how overly sensitive SJWs or victims like you are offended. Just like a preschool child.

P.S. sorry for the wallspam J. I don't normally respond to people like him but boy, does he strike a nerve. When he said he was 27, fuck I couldn't believe it. All this time I thought he was 10 and I let it slide but geez.

no problem.
i think your wasting your time trying to explain any thing to him. he doesn't even know how dumb he is.
but if you want a good laugh

Instead he asked admin to block my ability to respond by deleting my account.

your simply lying, again.

I forgive you j&j.

for what? i did nothing wrong.
you got your self banned omglod.

I think posting picture of private chat is what a child would do.

yeah, i'm the childish one...
i think it pretty childish to try to falsely report my download, and youtube videos.

Yeah kinda shocking he is 27 he is the very definition of a man-child.
To summarized what happen:
J&J commented on two of his videos litereally saying "lol" on both those videos with no context. Just "lol". Appeartly that triggered omgliobitch so badly that he goes into a mental breakdown trying to get those comments delete and the results is what you see.
I'm not even joking. A three letter word is what sent him over the edge. It's all hinted at those screenshots.

Omgliofuck if your reading this J&J didn't get you banned it was the admin, I bet you spammed the shit out of him like you did with J and the admin just had enough of your shit behavior and drop the fuck out of you.

Now omglio is in damage control when J showed those PMs because he knew he fucked up and does a compelete shit job trying to save his own ass.

Thank you great model! I'm poor English.
Very cute Kaat model XD

if i ever get it

I love your stuff and wanted to say thank you very much for sharing ^u^


I have been a big fan of yours. Thank you so much for your invaluable sharing with the MMD community!

Hello~ I love your videos, Thank you very much!!

Hello =D I have created an account for thanking you for your Kaat model!

Thanx to my HTC vive I can even see her dance at full size it's a very disorienting experience at first but woaw, worth it =v=b. (èé I'm part of the short hair Kaat support team)

I was wondering (since I'm pretty new) Did you created Kaat all alone? Did she have any lore background?
Speaking of model I can't find the one you put in your video "Good luck" (with the corset) =s is it still avaible?

Continue your good work and have a nice year 2017 =v=/

thanks! im glad you like her!

that sounds pretty cool in vr.
i like the short hair more i think to.

yeah i made her out of bits and pieces of other models. i did make a little background information for her somwhere, i'd have to look for it tho.
ill look for that model.

happy new year!

i like your model lol


J J you are my best

Thank you to the amazing music videos I like a lot of them :D

wow you are really awesome to do these music videos I like you so much for all your music videos :D

¿and the iwara version of last video in youtube?

I haven't made it yet

are you planning to do it? because I'm already salivating.

i can

Just watched you tube "Toxic" Video ans woaw what a great job! I was wondering did she got a lil breast expension on this one °-°? Or maybe it's the clothes =o.

Your Kaat model are all great! Keep up the good work! (>< I want those model so bad now)
I didn't knew you had a you tube channel btw gonna follow you here too =v=/

Stay fresh!

You have a good eye, here boobs are a bit bigger in that video. If you want that model I can send it to you

That would be great thx a lot! =D
Chinesse Kaat is amazing too!
I can't wait to see your next model and gratz for 2B too she is lovely!

OMG I love your RWBY models! These are A+++!! Have you considered making more, like their alternate outfits, or even Team JNPR?

if any one converted the outfits or the jnpr team to mmd i would

Please add me as friend!!!!!QAQ

but i don't even know you.

i Touch mmd is a lot of help for your model
thank you very much

thank you!

LOL Now ya tell me JandJ Ive been using Roxie as a cat for a year and a half and you packaged her in a file with Katt and Luna, Roxie . Now My Roxie is a Sexy Cute Kitty Meowwwwwwwwww


Have a nice day!

I like your works very much!

GJ! Your videos very nice,thank you video for sharing.


I like your works .
I visited your website,appeared on the my PC.(Avira Antivirus)
This is a malware website
Malware websites infect your device and can include viruses, worms, spyware, and Trojans."

I've never got a virus from tstorage.

Your models are very good.
I can't find the model J&J式呂500Ver2.01.
Did you delete it?

many thx for accepting friend request JandJ ;)

many thx for accepting friend request JandJ ;)


Thanx for the New Kaat 1.062 ^-^
Did she have clearer breast =o? (I may mistaken =v=)

is tstorage down? havent been able to acces it in a while

i think so

tstorage isn't working for me either

Yeah Iwara is back! I needed my Kaat fill. TvT/

I've got some rounds in my Barrel for your Maho Nishizumi Model. Stunning work as always. Hoping you are willing to share this model on tstorage in the near future.

LIKE Thank you
Thank you for always good model
I support you.

Great work

=v= Happy Birthday Kaat!

Thank you for comments on my videos and wonderful models.

I am greatly honored by your following !

your videos are amazing!

How have you been doing with that Cinder Fall model?

I gave up on it. But it's up for download in the forms

I joined your discord twice and went to sleep afterwards and noticed it's no longer in my list, did I break any rules or something? or is it just that I didnt talk straight away? if I'm not allowed I won't join again,. I'm sorry

i may have kick all the peaple that havent been active if a few weeks.
just rejoin its fine

Your model of race girl Nishizumi Maho is very beautiful, maybe the best maho chan I've ever seen... what a great work!

Add friend me please! >.<

Love your works. Keep up the good work. ;)

Always I am indebted. I look forward to working with you

Kaat best model, keep up the good work and stay awesome!

When you can come back?


Kaat :3

Kaat :3


Thank you, your video is very excellent ! m(_ _)m
If you don't mind, Could you please accept my friend request ?

Thank You for Sharing Models. Your Video is Awesome.
so Can you Accept Friend Request?


こんにちは,廉恥もなく友達申請をしました キャラクタがかなりきれいです。

you have discor I would like to follow you very good videos


I wish the friend request could be accepted.

I really enjoy your videos! I hope we haven't seen the last of Kaya. Very nice work!

How can I contact you?

you an pm me here or on twitter or something

ill definitely do more kaya

Well ... I sent you a pm so ...

Thanks!! model "Meika Hime" was DL!

You do a great job with your work!

Greetings J&J, I have noticed a lot of your animations (including the ones with Kaat) and I have to say, I’m deeply impressed.

Greetings J&J, I have noticed a lot of your animations (including the ones with Kaat) and I have to say, I’m deeply impressed.

thanks, but none of the animations are actually mine. in mmd you can download animation files and apply them to any mmd model you want. but i do not make my own

Nice girls, but when you make videos, make less sexual sceenes with child like girls.
Uncensored dancing? Why not, but when you make child porn videos, make it private.

Oh and I please you, make some long hair Kaat photo set or video. I know, I am boring with this :-D

Please make more content!



Hi jj! i'm come in! :D

nice! good to see you!!!


Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request



why you turn off your twitter
where is your new discord



I wish the friend request could be accepted.

Hi. Can I ask your friend premission?




I like your videos friend request please?


I like your videos.
Please approve friend request.


Kaat models are super cute. And your vids give off an impression that you think of Kaat either as your waifu or as a softcore porn actress. Is this assumption close to truth?
Also, would you feel frustrated if you’d see her in a rape or any sadistic animation? (I would)



could you make tokino sora from hololive? R18 model ?

Could you accept my friend request? I wish I see more your work. Thanks

I'd like to see a private video, so a friend was requested. Please take care of approval.


Please add as friend <3

I love your quiche videos( ˙꒳​˙ ). Please accept my friend request

I really like the works of the big guy. Can I add a friend? I'd like to see more of your works, thank you!ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

plz Request pending

thank you for your good videos
please accept friend request

I've requested it in a message before, but I'll write it here
I would like to request an MMD model of Ito Itosai of Sengoku Bushohime MURAMASA

please add as friend,,,, please,,,,,,,

The best!

Thank you for always good model!

please accept friend request.......!!!!

what a genius!

Could you accept my friend request?Thanks!

Could you accept my friend request plz?Thanks!

I really like the works Can I add a friend?