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Hi fellow habitual masturbator :D

wellcome xD


dear people talk english with me :)

i will accept friend request dont worry, it could take some time because im not every day online


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whos black? :0

I was inspired by your room photos. It looks like some divine place, though =)

glad to hear that :) once i find out printed stuff just feels more nice than pictures/comics on the computer screen since then im printing things :3

Now we just need more futa, and we'll be set!

just request a nice futa character with lots of good pictures and loops :3 i didnt rly find any

very good

I would like to see private videos as well. Please give me a friend

Keep your work please! I love your video! >.<

I would love to do something emediately, if i had an idea :3 Im allways saying, do a good job or dont do anything at all :3


I see, sooo you are just a bad guy. keep your videos to yourself i dont need them. Youre nothing now since i found someone whos making lots better videos with the same girls :0 youre fired lol. https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/wakui
and go learn some english smoking scrub :0
plus, i just notice i have confused you with someone else. what a reliefe you didnt made that video, As IF a chuck norris like you would go ever on my friendlist :D

Look, everyone.
He takes other people's things without permission and uses them to attract attention, and they are arrogant rather than respecting the original authors.

How can a person who borrows someone else's and is increasing his or her views say, 'All mmd producers are amateurs'? Even if it's true.

It also baselessly criticizes a user named xyz, who provides similar content to himself.
However, unlike a guy who takes others' things without permission because he is lazy, xyz does not forget to thank the original author of the video he is trying to introduce It also posts all links to access the original author's pages.
While someone whines like a child that it's too cumbersome and time-consuming to get someone else's permission while trying to take advantage of themselves...

I accept that the ranking based on the number of views and likes, such as xyz, may not be fair. But it would be worth a lot more than a list set by such a narrow-minded and arrogant person.

Of course, the work of making good quality images is also good for listeners.

However, I don't want people who make and provide videos with hard work to give praise and recommendaespect others. unlike anyone elsetions to such a dork thief.


Big guy, I like your work very much. Can I add a friend if it's convenient? Thank you.

Well said, but boi you got it all wrong. I am not part of the competition, dont bother with me.

#1 I am not a creator, i dont take any praise or credit, im not part of the competition. i am just a fanboi. i am doing videos to connect people to my Playlist.

#2 there is nothing wrong with compilations, with your foul opinion that you share with many other people engage in MMD you guys completely block this incredible nice genre and thats a real shame. often a HMV or a compilation is way better for a good fap because it can provide more content within a short period of time, as a result this will bring alot more disstraction, dynamic and excitement than single videos could ever possibly accumulate on their own.

#2.1 Lets be honest. not getting permission doesnt stop me anyways. So i dont even ask in the first place.

#3 My critism on xyz is based on the videos i am missing in his presentations, i mean he miss really alot videos. I own the arrogance to say i am a true expert if concerning videos on iwara. But hes not, his presentations are very superficial and weak, the only videos he show are those that everyone know allready anyways. But lets not talk about xyz his list is far from being complete and there is really nothing to see. Funny enough, sometimes hes presenting terrible Bad videos that make me wonder who this phatetic attempt is trying to promote.

#3.1 In 2020 we have allready about 700 videos with more than 600 likes, most of them are really good and ejoyable. but mister xyz dissmiss them all, all he care about is the first frontpage, he never go any deeper.

#4 Dont worry DJkyore, i will not get involved with your videos any time soon. I give you at best a 2 of 10 score (2/10) and my Playlist mostly contain videos from creators that i personally rank 7/10 and higher. If you got jelouse i am happy because my simple windows movie maker compilations got more likes than you will ever have. I am lazy because im smart, if i see a real chance to make a great video than i will be there. But untill than i will avoid to make videos like you. Nothing good can be made your way i can see that blindfold.

蝴蝶123 Thank you too <3

Thank you for telling me you won't steal my video.

unless you rank atleast 6/10 i cant see any value i am sorry :I

To achive a passing grade your videos have to match this 5 requirements;

#1 decent model
#2 decent Stage
#3 decent texture mapping
#4 decent camera/model motion
#5 decent choice of colors. Super important,i value colors above everything else!

you dont have to be super creative or artistic, you dont have to be an animation master, i am fully satisfyd if you can match this 5 basic requirements to a certain degree :3


plagiarism is when someone pretend to be the original creator of something, and is trying to hide the fact that he occupyd larg or small but crucial portions of other peoples work. I do not claim anything, and i do not present myself as a creator. I offer free entertainment as a gift to the iwara community that i owe so much. nothing more and nothing less.

Great playlists! This site is hard to navigate through sometimes and you make it a lot easier

you wellcome. but i am a quiter :3 i stoped to hunt videos, it was just to much for me so i quit before going insane :D i had over 9000 watch worthy MMD videos on my PC and i deleted everything. whats left is a 400 videos Hatsune Miku collection. No need to care for other girls, if concerned MMD miku really is the one and only one :3

I will do my Playlist sometimes, but easy ;)

The other reason was, i am really tired of stupid monkeys constantly shtposting. say thanks to those guys D;

Nice work!:3

yw :3