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pls make more matel girl ~

I will be making alot more. I just need help figuring out how to hide the skybox.

Good job!

Thank you!

excuse me,do you have a youtube account?

I love your girls and your taste! Can you do hardcore?

Yes but I don't use it much anymore because nobody watches what I upload anymore.

I'm not sure about hardcore, aside from girl on girl. animating, or even just putting the animations together isn't my forte. I still only know how to do dance animations.

Hola. Excelente dominas bien la técnica, cree un archivo de efecto que convierte la textura a nikel pero esto consume mucho recurso del procesador
El ejemplo del video: Mmd Rosas La Oreja De Van Gogh "Rosa Nikelada HD" Cancion Es Imitación De Rosas, Versión Isaac
Salu2s 52Isaac52

Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

Thank you! I accept all friend requests. ^^






I hope you will accept my friend request.thank you.

I love your videos‼︎
As a request, I would like to see metallic Bremerton's dance.
If you can make it, I would very much appreciate it

There's already 2 metal bremertons in my video of bremerton dancing to shake it.