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Name Change! 1ヶ月

Going by "EcchiFuta" now, since it's more fitting for the niche of futa I deal with.

Profiles on the platforms I use will all have "(formerly Anonfuta)" posted so as to minimize confusion.

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what a god damn disgusting piece of shⅠt

Is there a problem?

Very nice work. Too bad that there cocks are small. I hope there is a video for the Futa pinups in the future.

I just watched Futa Re Bang Bang and all I can say "WOW"! Keep up the great work.

like the smaller periscopes.

futa seko!

l like futa~Where is your avatar from?

I enjoy your videos. With each video you do, they get better and better. Your most recent video "Club Dance" was very good. Her movements needs to be used in future videos.

I was surprised, when i saw you on the list who signed up for me. I am impressed.

Thank you for sharing so sexy works,I wish the friend request could be accepted. m(_ _)m

The little Traps are so cute.
Hope more videos.

I love the futa videos. Can you make them cum more often?

its.... strange. but somehow i like it

I really like very much your work ,can l add you friend?

Your content is really great but the lack of Sex, is really disappointing please for the love of god, start adding some sex scenes

Thank you for your good motion and music

大佬,能给我个好友位嘛,我非常喜欢你的作品,求你了,真心的,我非常想要Brother, can you give me a friend position? I like your work very much. Please, sincerely, I want it very muchお偉方、友達をくれませんか。私はあなたの作品が大好きです。お願いします。本当に、私はとても欲しいです

Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

Just want to add to the appreciation of your sharing model motions.


Remember they don't need to be big to be beautiful! So plz keep up the good work!

Right on friend!

Random question - I don't suppose you subscribe to the idea of futa-female physiology making more sense as described in the following screencap?

If so, does that mean the in-universe canon you depict similarly has males instead be, for lack of a better term, "cunt boys"? Or is this universe purely "traditional" (non-futa) females and futa-females without male physiology anywhere? (not counting dicks and testes of course)

@Rin Tohsaka
I just want to enjoy hentai that I like, not make a whole science about it.

Lawl don't mind me, I'm just OCD and autistic like that (and I mean literally OCD and autistic as in officially diagnosed by a professional and all).

Then how about a simpler question - for the few non-futa videos that you've posted, is there a particular reason why you made them non-futa? Like was it just for a change of pace, or is it something like the clothing or fabric makes futa difficult or something? (I say this since several of the non-futa videos seem to involve dresses and skirts)

@Rin Tohsaka
Dunno for sure. I guess it's because I think some of the songs are prettier than others, and so while I wanted to keep them erotic, I didn't want too much lewdness. If that makes any sense.
My next video I currently got in the works will be a non-futa video actually. That's because this one I'm putting together a motion for a song I like.
I will be sharing the motions for it as well! :)
It'll be posted before the weekend. Just going to be busy with work this week.

I am a huge fan of your work. Please keep up and don't stop.
Your futas and traps are beautiful and their tiny cocks are very cute and sexy. Then they are flaccid - it's really yours exclusive. I haven't seen so cute and loveable tiny flaccid cocks on this site like in your videos
I like them the size they are. It's natural and beautiful. And like you had said in your posts your videos are unique - your cute and gentle traps and futas are really diamonds among all those generic monster cocks.

I love your content ^w^ Your edits are adorable!