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Hi I like MMD with cute girl characters!

Thank you for following.
We followed from this place, too.
Please tell that thing after the application in a private message or comment to my user page if there is doing a friend require.
When there isn't an announcement, it doesn't approve.
It approves only if announcing.
We are sorry for causing you trouble but request.
Also, agree because the application of the no- approval is deleted at the beginning of the month 2 months after the month that submitted the friend application.
( Example: When it is applied to in June, it deletes in the month of August. )
Still more, this English is a decodement by the translation software, we think that there is the part which the interpretation is difficult by probably but please pardon.

I also appreciate it. I Underpin your work ~!

I apologize for the late reply due to personal reasons.
I approved my friend application today, albeit late.
Thank you.

Hi! Thanks for following!

Nice to meet you.
Thank you for your comment and following.

It seems that you only sent a message like this and didn't request a friend. Thank you for being a friend~! ♥

I-Yet-Thank you for not understanding the system here.

The answer is a bit late. Thank you for your friend's approval and always support you!

now we are friend

Thanks for the approval!

Thanks for your support!

You're welcome~ Pokemon mmd is always welcome! (´ε` )♡

I see you almost as often as I see myself here... So I'll just say that I agree. Fubuki is Love, Fubuki is Life. No seriously, a cute ship loli

I agree! Fubuki is so lovely. She is different from other models. Even a cute and fresh little girl and a ponytail! It's a pity that Fubuki-related works do not appear often these days. Even if they go to the sponsoring site, there are not many people with her modeling, or even if they have a model, they are producers who cannot propose a video request..