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Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

Thank you glad you think so, and what type of motion would you like to see with these characters? I can use whatever character I want as long as it is allowed to be edited.

Loving your models and videos. Maybe a ghostly dance video with Auska and Shayna? Would really like to see that :)

not going to lie that was one of the thoughts in my head already :)

Thank you for sharing so sexy works,I wish the friend request could be accepted. m(_ _)m

Thank you for accepting my friend request.

Please, let us be friends :)

Done, welcome to the family :D

I like your videos.
Please accept my friend request.

Your work is fascinating.
By all means, please make it a friend.

Appreciate the hard work in balancing out your hobby with your daily life. Keep it up. And if your still willing to accept, I have sent a request.

Yeah no problem! And please if you have some models and motions you would like to see in action give me a shout out I need lots of help with new ideas :)


Amazing videos.
Please accept my friend request, your videos are so good.Thank you for sharing these videos.