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Gardevoir's perfect IVs (Model DL)

This is the only way to max out her IVs when there's no more bottle caps. Kept this video short due to other projects I got, I'll come back to her another time.

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May Loses - Destination Calabria

May lost the Great Apple Pie Bake-Off and, in accordance with Pokemon League rules, must perform a sexy dance for the winner.

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Mugen Gardevoir Compatibility 2019

A Old Edit of gardevoir i made back in 2019 im planning on a rework of her compatibilities since i was new back in 2019 and still learning this is just schussel sprite whit gardevoir head

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Pokemon - Hatterene - Abracadabra

Several days ago my hard drive got corrupted and nearly lost everything so I haven't been able to work on any projects for a while.

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Saitou sleeping

After a battle, Saitou tried to convince Satoshi to stay in his room, he refused so she went to sleep

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Bea pole dance

just an attractive Bea, I have ideas for her ^^ let me know what you think ...

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