So, the dev of BoofVr messaged on my video :
Threatening to sue me for some really stupid and petty things. In the video you can see in the description. I linked to his paetron an tried supporting him by a video. Which, the dev werethrope and some of his followers have been very petty and unproffessional as a game developer.

Not, only can he not read. But, he want's to sue me based on false claims. An try to press made up claims. Like wtf. How am I selling his model by linking to his paetron and having a donation link for prople who want me to rip and port models for mmd . :/ Seriously, If you wanna message werethrope his youtube comments are still in the video description. If you wanna leave him a message . Cause, what he's doing is not only wrong. But, a waist of everyones time. An the court trials of Sony vs Bleem! and Nintendo vs Game genie litterally protect me. From bs charges that the user can make up .

To be honest I think he would ow me money more than anything if this become, a real trial. Since, he can't get over I fixed and improved the models :/ But, petty devs will be petty .


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You are technically correct that Werethrope doesn't have a viable lawsuit for copyright infringement because what you released is a transformative creative work (if you were redistributing models directly that'd be a different story) but I don't see how Werethrope isn't morally in the right here.

I don't care enough to look up the terms under which "BoofVr" is made available, but I'm guessing it's a freeware license rather than something like Creative Commons. Werethrope's argument here is that you know full well what you're doing is questionable because you contacted them asking for permission and then started work without receiving it - if you had an unambiguous legal right to use the models you wouldn't have bothered to ask.

Also, calling him petty and unprofessional is pretty rich when you tell people who've never heard of him to "leave him a message" and leave the purpose of such a message unspecified. You may not be a big enough fish for it to be full-blown stochastic terrorism, but it's still not a great look.

Thats the thing I never offically released the models. Just one of which I re rigged from scratch and improved . So, I could use in promotional videos. As his legallities go. I dont have to ask for permission to use anything from freeware/ indieware. As the name implies he is a indie dev forcing people to pay for beta builds of a game. Kinda like Yander dev. An we all know how he acts towards people.

However , since he lacks the copy right. An doesnt legally own the game title BoofVR he legally can't claim anything as his. An if he tried to pull this in a court. Well he would get denied for not having the legal documents prior to releasing the game on patreon.

As for his messages. He never once sent me a message on twitter as he claims. Nor did he message on furaffinity. I only recently got a 29 day bann. Because, of his b.s. If he ever tried to reach out to me. I would had some kind of alert in my in box.

Hoever rushing to youtube almost a month after, i messaged him. Is not correct in him saying he has messaged me before, all of this. So, no he has lied and is violating the law. If he wishes to go to court. I'd be glade to counter sue. An have the game shut down if it comes to that .

All I wanted to do was promote the game. But, if werethrope wants to act like this . Than, I wont promote a scummy dev , Who , things he should be in controll of the law. When, he is far from doing things legally.

Just a heads up. Last night. I found out werethrope sent his fans to hack my gmail account. So, I have to wait a 3 day thing just to reset it. Since, the authetification thing isnt working right . So, now he's really pushing the illegal side of things.