D/L: http://tstorage.info/sipz1wbnj5d6
Note: Yes, I'm starting with Ver1.02. Ver1.00 wasn't up to my standards, so I went a little farther. Of course, Ver1.02 was the version I was on the longest...
Warning: The "Mini" version has wonky physics that I was too lazy to try and figure out how to fix, and due to its nature, most motions look really friggin' weird on it.
Wow, Aoki Lapis took a lot longer than IA did.
Part of that was that I raised my standards. I tried harder to make a useable model than I did with IA. I made more certain that she wasn't constantly clipping through her clothes, I gave her a working pussy (remember, someone else gave IA hers for me), and I was extra careful about making sure her skin textures matched, but also looked good.
The other part was that, for some reason, this model SERIOUSLY slowed down the PMX Editor. I'm not entirely sure what was going on; usually, when a model is slow, it slows down MMD, not the PMX Editor. That's a problem I had with IA for a while before I realized just how busted up her physics were. But, no, she worked fine in MMD. It was PMXE that was having trouble handling her. She slowed down PMXE to the point where it could take up to an hour just to make a Material morph. Ver1.02 alone took up three whole days of work. Yeah, that bad. And then, right at the end, I discovered that loading the model in Blender, then loading it again in the PMX editor... completely solved the problem. Would have been nice to know earlier.
I couldn't find a way to make her sleeves look great, which is why they're off by default. I did my best, though, with the rigging and the positioning and even the texturing (I got the sleeves from a different model than I did the rest of the shirt, which is why the sleeves are so damn weird).

Special thanks to:
-PervyDiva (for providing the model that I used as a base)
-J&J (for providing the model that I stole the pussy from)
-bandages (for helping me with Blender)