"They say the User lives outside the net and inputs games for pleasure. No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out..." - Bob - ReBoot (1994)

Just something I had sitting on my C: drive, some accessories I've made for Koikatsu, based on an old Canadian cartoon from the 90s, for using said coordinates, just untick everything except accessories.

Rules: There isn't any...

Other than all that, let me know if any of you grew up with ReBoot in the comments and Stay Frosty!

EDIT: I fixed a slight error with the standard Icon (it was Black on White instead of White on Black like in the show, I only realized this when I started watching the show again)


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I'd say it was a reasonable attempt, but tbh, someone could of just took some accessory in the character creator and changed out the texture instead of what I did

As for ReBoot itself, I'd suggest watching it, Shout factory has the entire series on their site free to watch. The only issue with it now are the visuals, due to it being an old CGI cartoon from 1994, the visuals look dated compared to today (that and the unresolved cliffhanger in Season 4) but other than that, ReBoot is a damn good cartoon, especially in the story department.