Ver1.01 D/L:
Yessirree, Mayu is now available. See, wasn't that significantly faster? And I basically took a day off in the middle there, so it took even less time than it seems.
Mayu, like V Flower, has separate clothing files for stripping scenes. However, Mayu's files are better, because there are separate files for each article of clothing, which makes it way less annoying to deal with. There's also only one of her, rather than two like Flower.
Also like V Flower, Mayu has a "Z" form (again, think like Zatsune Miku), Zayu. However, she ALSO has a "Yandere" form, inspired by the Yandere forms of the Saboten and Piron models, which changes her eye texture and puts a shadow over her face.
Her panties are transparent even in their default state. You can't make them opaque. If that really bugs you, you can fix it in the PMX Editor in, like, two minutes. That's just how I decided to do Mayu's panties this time around.
She also comes with her stuffed rabbit microphone, Usano Mimi. Mimi is only slightly edited from the Mimi that Piron made.
She has a shirt open morph, like my other models, but hers is a bit more... primitive. This is due to the fact that her shirt isn't really designed to be opened. The other models, hell yeah, the shirts opened. There were clearly lines down the middle. Mayu... doesn't have that. Her shirt is not a buttoned or zippered shirt or anything like that. So, her shirt open morph is a bit clunkier.
She also has sliders to shorten her skirt and hair, since they're both a bit long. This way, you can get a better view of her ass. Although, I couldn't really get the hair morph to work quite right...
The sling bikini and titty stickers from V Flower return in this model, although recolored black from their previous purple.