"Oh hey, newbie! We're gonna go smack that raid boss real' quick. Let's clobber some goblins together someday, yeah?"
Elven Knight-Paladin Katalina "Kath", who is a high-level player and has no business killing goblins with a low-level scrub like you, but she just likes hanging out with you and show you the ropes in the game.

I have a confession to make - I love maces. There's something about a metal ball on a stick, adorned with spikes (sharp, blunt, or needly like a Morgenstern) that attracts me like a shiny new toy attracts a child. And since there isn't a good model of one, not even on Bowlroll, I made one from parts of the Richter Belmont model converted by another person.

This was challenging to make. First I attempted to make the stage look less shit by upscaling the resolution of every texture file by 2, which resulted in me needing to rename and reassign almost half of them because PMXEditor did some oopsie. And it seems to have no made a difference - it still looks like a PSP game. Then I fiddled around with effects like ikClut and ikDiffusion, still being unable to figure out the "right" way to use them, because it all looks like Instagram fitlers to me. Then I rendered several versions, picking the correct material map for the mace, because it looked like ass. Finally, I've put some more people on the background to make the town street look more alive... Fucking shuddering at the thought of doing it for the comics.


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Dot forget flanged maces. I like bludgeoning weapons too. No need for skill, just a strong arm and unfortunate soul on the other end :^)
I play warfarme for a long time now and if i play with a squad of new players i buy them weapon slots often :)

So you're a good high-level player ( ꈍωꈍ )

The draw order of the effects matter as to how they look, if that's any help lmaoooo

Okay... It just further complicates things a little, but thanks for the advice ( ' ꈍωꈍ )