It's supposed to be like that scene from Lord of the Rings, when Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were running for three days and nights, catching up to Uruk-hai. Except they have two midgets instead of one, and the two long-legs characters are yelling some "motivational" speeches, such as: "You cross terrain like old people fuck, you know that?!", "If God wanted you on this slope he would've miracled your ass up here by now, wouldn't he?", "Are you going to fucking die on me or what?".

The "furry" model is literally called "dwarf". Not sure why author decided that dwarves needed to be furry creatures, but what do I know. His axe is cool though.


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You ever played vermitide 2? There is great banter between heros that depend on squad you have.
My favorite is if you have Kruber(male,human), Kerillian(female,elf) and Victor(male,human BUT witch hunter)
Kruber is praising kill count of the elf nad she answer that this is nothing and allude to some historic battle where she killed "dozens". Victor then remeber that two full human regiments went missing this battle and chase the elf(at least in words) XD

Sounds like a neat "oh snap" realization moment, but my PC is a bit too potatoey to play such games.