I want you to appreciate the insanity of this - the happy kind of insanity.
I'm a big fan of Black Rock Shooter: The Game, even though I would be hard pressed to say that it's one of the best games on PSP. So I wanted to have a model of Stella's bike from the game, to use in MMD - years ago I even considered paying Digitrevx to make one. I didn't because my financial situation was quickly deteriorating.
And now, during a search on Bowlroll for some fantasy-themed models, I somehow stumble upon it - in all of it's embarrassingly low-poly, PSP-game-ripped glory. And it was uploaded... in 2019!
Amazing, simply amazing. And even more amazing yet, that despite having fewer polygons that a current year 3D model of a brick, every part that you would expect on a motorcycle to move moves. And not just by bones - it has morphs to move any part of it, including the built-in machine guns - they're there.
Whoever did the porting and the rigging is an absolute lad and I would suck his cock with no questions asked.