Kath: Hey there.
Katalina: Hello.
Kath: You're still doing that knight thing with the Order, huh?
Katalina: You're still being a slut assassin, fucking everything that has a dick?
Lucy: Wow, two auntie Kaths! But this one wears armor, and like an entirely different class and such...
Katalina: Who is this unfortunate shrimp you drag along with you?
Kath: That's my daughter.
Lucy: What?! Auntie Kath, that's...
Katalina: Your Charisma isn't high enough to bullshit me, sis.
Lucy: "Sis"?!
Kath: Well your Strength clearly isn't high enough to pull that stick out of your ass.
Katalina: Because my ass is virgin tight, unlike yours, horsefucker.
Lucy: Woah... I guess this auntie Kath is just as bad mouthed as the other one.
Kath: Bitch, how many horses did you fuck?
Katalina: Is that still a point of pride to you? Is your life that devoid of meaning?
Kath: That IS the meaning of life, you twat! We're dark elves - we hump so much we make rabbits jealous!
Katalina: Is it? Or is it something we invented as an excuse to act like base animals in heat?
Kath: This is exactly the reason our parents sent you off to the monastery!
Katalina: And it did me good! I've found better purpose in life, I wish you and them could too!
Kath: They'd be disappointed! Just slightly more than usual.
Katalina: Why should I care if the two brothel whores are disappointed in me?!
Kath: Fuck you!
Katalina: Same!
Kath: Nice seeing you!
Katalina: Again, same!
Lucy: Whaaaaaaaaaat? ._.
Kath: Come on Lucy, let's go. If you get arrested again, you're gonna have to break yourself out, don't count on "auntie Kath" to always wipe your shit for you.
Lucy: Oh... Ah, it was nice meeting you, autie Katalina! Your armor looks just like my dad's but, you know, curvier!
Katalina: Gabriel's daughter, is she?
Lucy: You know papa?!
Kath: Oh for fucks sake...
Katalina: Hey, remember how you bursted into my house, drunk and sobbing after you broke up with him and cried yourself to sleep on my lap, cursing yourself for being such a hopeless whore that the only man you've ever loved dumped you? And now you're babysitting the kid he made with another woman, who, as I've heard, is your total opposite... Does it burn?
Kath: ...didn't know you dabbled in pyromancy. Making good progress there.
Katalina: See you around, sis.
Kath: Yeah...
*Katalina leaves*
Lucy: Autie Kath? You okay?
Kath: You breathe a word of it to anyone - the next thing you say will be muffled by your own butt.
Lucy: ...okay ._.

Does the fact that I just marathoned all five seasons of "Rick and Morty" come through on the dialogue? I'm not happy with Season 5, I don't like cliffhangers where I don't understand what the hell happened at all. That, and being left hanging, obviously.

I've been neglecting the knight Kath model for a while because she's, well, non-lewdable (unless you're really into chics in armor, I know there are freaks like that out there), so I thought about a possible way to connect her with assassin Kath, instead of it being just a different version of the same character. The most basic explanation - they're twins. Identical in looks, entirely different in personality. One is a righteous, justice-seeking knight-paladin, the other is promiscuous, mischievious, immoral killer for hire. Guess which one is disappointing their parents the most.