Assasinette remixxxes. Love these vids.
Between you and barkester
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barkester (2021-01-13)
Each vid has been remixxed to have 3 audio tracks, each with a different song fully mapped to the original BPMs. You change songs just as you would language tracks on a movie.

My purpose is to give the vids more playabilty as even the songs I like get played far too often (due to makers being unable to use copyrighted content). I send my better ones to makers like you figuring you probly' hear the songs 50 times every time you make one, so here's some frresh music

Here's your latest remixed as a 720p mp4 :

And here's an older one. Its Pjanoo. I kept that as the first track as I still like it (not used so much) and the second and third tracks are different.

All done with ffmpeg and mixxx. Hope these can extend your enjoyment fo Assasinette as they have for me.

Hope to see more of her. Good luck.

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You (2021-01-13)
I didn't allow you to modify and re-upload my video.
Erase it right now.

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barkester (2021-01-14)
Thats right. You didn't. I do as I please. Piss off.

And your vid was never "uploaded" (against the rules here) anyway. It was "attached and linked" (NOT against the rules here) in a personal letter to your own account meaning only you have the code anyway. I have no interest in posting anywhere.

Don't like people modding your work? Don't fuking post it. Real easy. Grow a brain.

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You (2021-01-14)
Yes, you may or may not speak ill of me. You'll say no, but the more you curse at me, the more you'll have to try to hold back the shame when you get excited while watching my video.

And I don't think you'll be interested anyway, but I won't have my assassin video for a while


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sorry to hear about that