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#1 2021-10-10 09:20

What are your opinions on critcism (or lack there of)?

Does anyone else ever feel like they post something and don't get a shred of criticism? I know you shouldn't be hard on yourself, but even then do you wish people shared opinions on your work regardless of whether it's positive or negative? Maybe it's just me but that kinda makes me feel like I'm surrounded in a room with a bunch of yes-men (though to be honest, I doubt a lot of people see or care about my work to even criticism it).

BTW: No flame wars please, I don't want the mods nuking this thread.

2021-10-10 11:34

i love it all, and i actively encourage people to criticize my work. and i actually do get people that suggest things, say they don't like something, etc. and also i let them know i take requests.

i want it to continue, i released a video that had clipping issues that caused one of my girls to look like she had armpit hair... which i didn't notice myself but when it was pointed out, i quickly fixed it and the videos much better.

my girls would not be half as good if it weren't for my viewers engaging and offering me feedback on their faces.
i've even had people that have said, they do not like the faces, do not like x ray etc, but enjoyed some of my videos anyway.

AND people have watched even though they dont like honey select videos or lolis for that matter, but enjoyed my videos, its all feedback, and never a personal attack. I love Iwara for this reason.

growth, creativity and fun is stifled when people do not engage or do not offer feedback.

never take things personally though, and its always good when you get positive messages and comments (and likes too but i don't place too much stock on likes or views, its the comments and engagement i measure success/progress in)

anyway my 2c, start encouraging your viewers to leave feedback, and let them all know you welcome it, and will not take it personally. The criticism is there, just gotta ask for it. and you will receive. Just don't let it get ya down, and use it to improve, and get your creative juices flowing :)

2021-10-10 12:02

actually, I'm in the same boat. as I'm trying new things getting some feedback would be awesome but that's hard to get

2021-10-10 13:53

I know many of content creators put a lot of time, work, and passion into their projects, even if they don't come out exactly the way they intended. Most people are still using MMD here, and while it can produce some really nice work, it's dated software, and comes with its fair share of issues and restrictions as well, so getting the intended results based on the original vision you had for your project doesn't always happen. Regardless of the software used or time invested though, I'm happy people are creating and sharing content, so ultimately I don't want to do anything to discourage them from wanting to continue creating content, whether I like their work or not.

If I see a video I like, I usually leave a like on the video, and if I don't like the video, I just move along, I don't see the need to leave any negative feedback for them. The video probably appeals to someone, it just doesn't appeal to me. As for leaving positive feedback, as I stated before, generally when working on a project, you have a vision for how you want things to turn out, so I don't really feel the need to try to try to impose things I'd like onto them. If feedback is requested in the details of the video, and I actually have something meaningful to contribute, that's a different situation, but overall if they aren't asking for it, I don't really feel like I'm in a position to give it. Different people respond to criticism in vastly different ways, so I'm just happy to see people active on the site, sharing their work, that's why I mostly just offer thanks and praise when I see a video I really like, and not much else in comments.

2021-10-10 16:12

It's hard to offer criticisms without coming off as just wanting videos to be tailor made for you. Also, most don't even seem to care for criticism and just do what they want regardless.

2021-10-10 17:18

Everyone making good points here.
I'd say that if you want feedback, then ask for it in description.
Otherwise it's unlikely that you will get it for reasons mentioned above

2021-10-10 18:12

i did receive some criticism, but that's usually because of the fps. although someone did comment criticism on my Lamb. video which was nice. i dont
see why people comment criticism, as it can help their favorite creators improve on their videos to make them even better.

2021-10-10 18:34

I like to critque, but people get emediately salty. its practically impossible to write criticism because allmost nobody tolerate it. all you can rly say are nice things, people live in their echo chambers and delusions.

actually i would rank 99,9% of videos below 5/10, so there are allways alot of negative things to point out. But i realise most people dont want to improve and dont want to hear about their misstakes, so criticism is kind of useless unless somebody explicitely ask you to do it.

the only thing i allways critique in general if somebody put an intrusive Patreon logo into his videos D; its like the most disturbing thing of all.

2021-10-10 19:49

No Criticism is better than nasty Comments.Helpful options with friendly non hateful examples are always appreciated. (Very Rare Tho)

2021-10-10 20:53

Also to add,
I also like to critique, and to help others.
So if anyone (not only op) is looking for feedback on something, then I can try giving it to you.
My perspective might not be useful to you - but you can find out by messaging me, or something

2021-10-10 21:09

ofcourse, everything turns easily into a nasty coment in your echo chamber. thats how it works thank you for explaining ninetails D;

2021-10-10 22:09

80% of the time I criticize what I don't like in people's videos. The thing is - you *can* be tactful about it and also stress what you like. While MMD is not usually made from scratch, it does require some effort. At minimum it requires someone to learn the software and try it out, so I don't like to trash someone if they had good intentions. I will be realistic with them but not an ahole, I respect people putting their time into at least trying to create something entertaining for us. Usually the problem is that comments are just general praise. I try to be more specific on the things I like. I do criticize video's but don't make a laundry list of negatives and just leave at that as if I was trying to break someone.

So yeah, criticize videos, just with the intention to let someone improve and not break someone's spirit. I doubt I could but if I depressed one of the awesome creators I follow, I wouldn't forgive myself. Goes for MMD or any kind of art. It's how people will receive criticism is what some users sometimes forget. Constructive criticism combined with encouragement if perfect, just criticism with perhaps taunting someone is not

2021-10-10 23:17

you folks do point out quite a few things here and at least for me I'll be now placing a " leave your criticism in the comments " from now on and a small description of what was my attempt on that video.
as for Praise comments, those are not needed as they just get ignored but if you point out something you did like on the video that helps out more.

as for most people, they don't know what it takes to make content of any kind and all they want is to consume it and that's understandable that they just don't know what to post other than just a good job comment now and then

2021-10-11 04:08

I do sympathize with feeling like iwara is full of 'yes-men' there are plenty of times where I'm a little frustrated that my videos didn't come out as well as I wanted and then I just get positive comments. I don't want to complain about that though sometimes I really need some encouragement to feel like I want to keep pushing hard and working on animations, but I'd be open to constructive criticism. I guess I need to start asking for it in video descriptions.

I've also thought about this too since for me I'm pretty sure I'm missing something since all I get are positive comments but my views and favs seem to be fairly low so if anyone wants to give me some advice on my videos let me know. I do know that most people want more explicit content though and that's just something I don't put in my videos so if that's your suggestion I respect it but that will be some advice I'll likely ignore, but it'd still be nice to know.

2021-10-11 05:35

I guess it's hard to leave a criticism on a porn site since usually the public is with one hand on the mouse and the other on the ... .|. or (|)
¯\_(︡~ ͜ʖ°︠)_/¯

2021-10-11 07:31

thats why u use your feeet to fap

but main thing is porn site

many many many viewers, less then that have acccounts ,some dont speak the language of the title, and most actual comments are "good"

n theres no like n dislike system,just favourite,so yourrr only guesss is views n fvaourites

n viewss r the most important

2021-10-11 16:41

oooh HoAy that actually perfectly explains why i prefere to do it with my left hand :D PC Masterrace ftw

2021-10-13 21:54

Vazyk was saying that to me I suppose but my comments have been deleted it seems

2021-10-13 21:56

A manipulator will keep on trying to manipulate reality, I see. You're welcome for the explation that's now gone. I'll leave it at that, the thread of this forum is about criticism after all

2021-10-14 18:48

Antichrist do you have to have last word?
Make your own journal entry to have some "entertainment"/show truth to others or whatever you called it.
Don't bring it unnecessarily in forums that are public, and threads that aren't made for that.

@Admins delete (currently visible) 5 replies. Including this one.

2021-10-14 19:31

Yes, I do have to have the last word if the person in question is going to keep on lying and manipulating facts - about what I said. The topic of this thread was criticism of videos, so I gave my opinion on that and took the chance to mention someone who does criticism very badly.

Please stop calling admins for censoring me when I just gave my opinion and then simply defended facts. Not cool, really not cool. Also it's @Admin, the other admins have different names and you really don't need to call them after I said that I'm leaving the thread altogether. They have more serious stuff to do

2021-10-14 19:56

You are just acting superior over heavensBait.
You noticed that an admin deleted responses so it's clear sign that this discussion should be stopped.
I just made a notice to delete few messages further since they don't make much sense now, and your further replies will be probably deleted, too.
Not like tagging works here anyway.
You started an argument hastily once you saw an reply by someone you didn't like, and had to go after comments that weren't even on thread.
If you want to make thread to list everything you dislike about him, then go on - but not on unrelated forum threads.
Calling others out for "doing criticism very badly" isn't topic of this thread.

2021-10-15 01:25

Ok then, does your reply right now say anything about the question in this thread? NOPE. You're just now talking about him and me, so I guess your replies should also be deleted to be fair, right? Or does it only go for me if I go somewhat off topic?

In regards to acting superior and as far as the internet goes, I am morally superior here without question.
I see you've been convinced by him that he is in the right here. Think whatever you want but jumping out like an ahole to admin "please delete this and this comment because I think it's unrelated" is a bit unnecessary since I already ceased my replies.

But now you jump out with comments that are unrelated to the thread to call for censoring me because I said something unrelated to the thread. And you continue on about things unrelated to the thread and how I'm in the wrong and if I reply something to that I guess I should be censored but not you. Golden.

Notice how heavensbait addressed Ninetails *specifically* before I addressed him. But that's fine if he comments on others, only I can't do that.

What's the last thing I said before you jumped in I wonder? "I'll leave it at that, the thread of this forum is about criticism after all" I wanted to finish but you budge in for *no freaking reason*. What part of "I'll leave it at that" is so difficult to undersand?

I wanted to stop but you ask me "do you need to have the last word?" Are you so enchanted with heavensbait now that instead you need to have it when this wasn't even about you? I just don't get your problem. Why bother open what's been closing?

If that's all I'd be GLAD to stop replying here as I already intended, so let's end this here now and you can go chat about stuff with your new friend.
Yes, I'd like to be on topic on forums, so can we finish just now? Or does something else come after accusations towards me and calls for censorship? Jesus H Christ

2021-10-15 01:34

So yes Admin, please just close this thread and/or delete my and vazyk's replies, I want to retire from this nutty situation and go back to normal (praising creators and speaking perfectly on topic in forums... because no, this sh**storm is not my only activity on forums and it's really past due time for it to end)