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Trying To Locate Back-Up/Author Of Video

Recently, as I tend to do when bored, I looked up R18 MMDs on YouTube. I then stumbled across one that was a video to the song Maria by Hwa Sa. Sadly, this video was taken down before I could download it myself, and it's neither on Iwara or Gelbooru. as far as I can tell. Would anyone know who the creator is, or where a back-up would be?

From what I recall, it was an MMD using the Blender Cloth Simulation, and during certain parts of the video, parts of the model's clothes fell away. She was standing in a blue room, and she had a womb tattoo. The model had long pink, or white hair, although I could be wrong with that. She was also wearing a semi transparent blue outfit with pink lining?

Honestly, the model kind of reminded me of a character from Genshin, like Ningguang, but that could just be coincidence based on the character's looks.

I apologize if any of this is confusing.

Also, that main model was the only model in the video, it was just a stripping video.

I know I probably know I got some facts wrong, but I want that video because it looked so lovely, and the stripping kind of fit the music. So if anyone knows what video that is, I would appreciate the help.

2022-12-04 11:15
2022-12-04 20:01

@Mechanical Seraphim
This sounds like what you're looking for, I think? Hope it helps.

2022-12-04 20:05

This is the one you're looking for.