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#1 2021-08-06 00:58

Is there a ban on loli now?

I've noticed that recently there have been zero flat chested characters or anything close to it. Tweens and young teens seem to be rare as well or rather there are only characters that could plausibly be considered full grown, just shorter.

Now, I enjoy diversity in the virtual realm. Am not a fan of characters that look 6, though I enjoy ones that in the real world could be somewhere on the pubescent scale. I enjoy big boobs and womanly shapes as well and I think this is really the perspective of most men.

Seems though that there might've been some ban on certain body types on this site recently, like maybe a month or two ago. What do you think? Or can admit comment on this? I can't hold a grudge if some censors are forcing the site this way but I would say that no one's harmed by virtual creations, even more so when they're just animations and usually happy dance videos at that.

What's your take on this guys? Does anyone know of any recent changes to the site?

2021-08-06 01:40

I also want to know about it. Is there a ban on lolicon? Or should authors publish such genres privately?

2021-08-06 03:19

mmmmm I don´t know, I follow some creators that only make loli videos and the have uploaded videos at a normal pace

2021-08-06 03:32

mmmmm I don´t know, I follow some creators that only make loli videos and the have uploaded videos at a normal pace

2021-08-06 03:58

The Group I work with at times make loli Videos but only when requested. Not many loli Vids are being made because there are few Loli models created these days. (Loli videos are allowed to be posted here in Iwara)

2021-08-06 05:37

I'm not so sure about that at the moment, Ninetail. The matter of fact is I've consumer Iwara since its beginnings and there have always been more loli videos. From ameteur stuff made for fun to top quality. s2p2 achieving the pinnacle with his Hibiki video IMO

Also loli models can be created, reassembled from existing ones etc. I'm only talking about what I see recently. Actually this month it's most promiment. It really makes you wonder.

In the original comment I meant to invoke "admin", not "admit" of course

2021-08-06 13:52

Dont think there is. Check mine out. If u can.

2021-08-06 13:54

I cant edit but i have a following of lilo fans suddenly. So i will be focusing on loli alot. Currently pc less still since moving its why i havent been uploading loli videos.

HS2 loli that is.

2021-08-08 01:41

Choosing Honey Select is going against the grain but apart from that 1) good quality stuff 2) definitely loli. Yes, and while I myself prefer some more curves (more on the jailbait scale), I won't be harassing anyone for creating completely flat characters.

2021-08-08 04:03

Yeah my aim is, to up the quality of HS2 videos. And i knew going into iwara that mmd videos would be the most popular and get the most likes.

Against the grain is an understatement i just couldnt get my head around mmd.

Im making my own original characters via hs2 loli trio and one will have a slightly older sister in the works that may be in that, jailbait category who knows.

I havent been harrassed as of yet gor making loli which im surprised about. I live and let live and the warm reception ive recieved on iwara and actual fans interacting with me with feedback and requests has been fun and awesome.

Until such tine that iwara bans loli or the site becomes toxic towards my loli content i intend to stay 😁

2021-08-08 04:37

I've once been called a p***phile POS because only p***phile would simply not be enough for... making an MMV with fully clothed anime girls aged around 14. It wasn't even sexual to begin with. Some people need to deal with their retardation before they go online.

Iwara has rules, though I doubt one could apply them to private messages.

HS2 could use characters that look less muscular perhaps. I know this is an issue when scaling down the proportions from fully adult looking models. If there's a way to combine HS2 with using Blender, that could be a solution. BTW I imagine that's not easy

2021-08-09 21:17

there has been posted alot more videos since 2019, its simple math if you consider the population of loli content as minority than majority content would appear even more dominant and minorities would appear even less relevant. In other words its an illusion, its just your imagination because if you search for videos you would get the impression that loli videos has become fewer while you are forced to search across more videos that you didnt want to see. Even if the share of loli videos never changed.

I dont argue with people who doesnt aknowledge the simple fact that fiction doesnt apply to the rules of reality. Reality can never live up to our dreams, and i pitty those poor souls who are trapd in the cold heartless real world and doesnt allow themselfs to let their imagination run wild and free.

did you know, beside of my hang for lolis i have also pokephilia and a thing for trap boys :0

2021-08-14 07:33

Only that your first paragraph kind of contradicts itself - if the share of loli videos didn't change, I wouldn't see any difference. But I think I know what you mean, i.e. more people creating videos, meaning more newbies creating the "normie" type of them. If there is anything such as "normie" (bleh) videos on Iwara, I'm just giving it a name.

I wasn't really sure about that but since my post I started seeing more loli again. Maybe it had a small impact, maybe it wasn't the season for it but Illya, the 6th Division and some other came back. So yeah, seems there's no apparent ban.

Lolis and trap boys, huh? There's one thing better. Lolis who are trap boys. I don't believe those tendencies are rare. I just don't get the pokephilia. Just get some cat girls. The one I got took from around my area was quite the... nevermind

2021-08-21 16:44

if you like pokemon for the past two decades you eventually get attracted to that cute little monsters, also there are several female humanoide types so its not that hard to get into it :3 I think pokephillia is steping into the fields of furry since alot of them are in fact humanoid animals, but since its anime its okay i guess :D

yea trap boys. shimakaze and astolfo could turn anyone gay. Even if i dont consider myself in team Rainbow my preferences are pretty questionable. like wtf.

I tell you its just an illusion, because the numbers are not consistent you could miss them sometimes while other genres dominate.

2021-08-22 09:41

However weird this might sound to an average person, from your description I don't consider your preferences to be much out of the ordinary. Not perfectly aligned with the standard but not "deviated" much. There is actually a spectrum of heterosexuality and homosexuality and I'm 6/7 heterosexual, probably same as you. Which in practice IS heterosexual with a slight deviation.

We're not furries either. I don't consider characters you have an emotional attachment to who just differ *slightly* in body parts or colors to be impossible to be seen as attractive.

I think Wolf Girl Setsuna is absolutely freaking hot. Do I have a fetish for partly wolf feet? NO but all the rest, her figure, her silvery features make her absolutely gorgeous, animal ears are cute per se, no one can argue with that. If that makes me a furry then it makes someone who boinked a 16 year old a Pedro.

Your tastes are not uncommon and they prove you have feelings and an imagination, so that's good.

Ladyboys if done right are simply men effectively pretending to be women and loving to be women. It might be gender dysphoria but some of them are really cute. Some, most aren't. Same for the virtual realm. If it's female looking enough, I'm fine with it.

2021-08-22 09:45

Oh, yeah. Shimakaze is not actually a shemale as a canon, she's just often depicted as one by doujin artists. As a sidenote although I'm enjoying life now I'd let myself be depopulated for being able to caress her amazing legs for 15 seconds.

2021-08-22 19:50

you can see what preferences people have by browsing any picture or video website, and loli is not rare at all, people just try to hide their cute little taboos. pokephilia, bestiality or trap boys isnt rare eighter :3

id worship shimakaze like a godess if she was real :L

2021-08-23 10:00

I tell you, perversions are the number one leverage used by big tech moguls to threaten politicians. It's just a sidenote but which country has a 1km walking limit, 2 hours outdoors, 1 time a week to go shopping and you can't work without a "vaccination" card? That would be Australia. With 39 members of parliament being verified pedrophiles and a tranny as a prime minister (who is kind of cute, I won't lie). I'll tell you here and now that people staying underground with their poiltically incorrect preferences is what is creating hell on Earth. Masses dehumanized perverts, which is most of those in power, now they're dehumanizing the masses. Two wrongs don't make a good of course and it's just a massive s***show with scarcely anybody being honest

While obviously you don't have to talk about perverted things at work etc., there need to be some distinctions, there needs to be tolerance within reason. As long as you don't hurt anyone, you're at a higher moral standing than someone who would harass you over it.

Also, attraction to curvy teens is not pedrophilia. Eat fresh, stay healthy. Attraction to girls with cat ears is not bestiality. Attraction to different colored characters that you've liked for years is not pokephilia or whatever they wanna call it. Unless you're fine with that name.

I'm a degenerate. I'm not perverted per se nor do I really care if someone is, especially if the expression of dubious perversion is limited to fiction.

2021-08-24 21:09

yea its pretty damn smart. first create a society of christian morality, in which everyone pretend to be pure and moral. and than find out who are the sinners and surpress them when you know about their little perversions. Thats how christian emperor Augustus anticipated our society to be and the witchhunt of all lustful and sexually passionated people will continue until we end this madness.

the fear of god, is more like the fear of being exposed on facebook and to your local church D;

2021-08-25 10:19

You're certainly right that religion here plays a role but I wouldn't put all the blame on it. Generally it's human nature not coming to terms with... itself. Now it's the "sinners" who are made to do the dirty work and forced to become actual evil.

If you have perverts in parliament, expect the worst. Not because they're perverts as such but because with today's climate they can really easily manipulated into doing what the real rulers of the world want them to do. Thinking that we have national governments is silly. The national element has been eroding the more billionaires got even richer. Big tech's been bought. Big pharma's been bought. Mainstream media's been bought. What do we have left?

People in parliaments that can be threatened with their skeletons falling out of their closets. Or even their kinks coming out, especially if they have families, are something they really don't want to happen. So they'll trample masses in a river of death if they can and if they have to. Australia's a prime example... and just a test run.

I took the topic sideways but it's nice to exchange ideas. It will be funny when this site is one of very few places with freedom of speech left lol

2021-08-26 16:40

emperor augustus wasnt exactly christian, he was a sun god worshiping pegan. Than he had that vision to mix up all religions and create a world religion so that all belives come together and become one, that is the ultimate goal of the roman catholic church and related co-working groups like illuminati or the freemasons. speaking of the super rich, most of them are certainly bound to those religious sects. you would guess it, this one world religion anticipated by emperor augustus is key to their new world order agenda "NWO"

Jesus christ closest friend was a whore, he never had that idea of purity or people having superior morals. His messange was allways that we are all equal bad and we can do nothing about it, all we can hope for is mercy and nobody is ever able to save himself just by good deeds or by having the moral high ground. humans born with sexual desire are allready tainted, there is no way to escape your lust. Lust is our most natural and most honest feature and a crucial portion of your soul that has the power to unleash our naked true self. If our lust is supressd we become weak-willed puppets that slowly lose control over their selfawarenes and sense of self. sounds like something the catholic church would like to do to me. and those guys work hard to produce more weak willed idiots.

freedom of speech what ya talking about? this is a casual google website, they can turn us down in a whimp if things get crazy. you wouldnt be able to unpack your conspiracy theories in detail.

but christ also sayd there is a special place in hell for pedros who ever did any harm to a young one :0 so there is a line that you may never cross

2021-08-27 17:52

What Jesus said was about hurting the little ones. While I certainly don't agree with hurting children in any way, that he talked about sexual violation is purely a figment of imagination of many people, especially in the US given their more evangelical views (which never really helped them much to keep hands to themselves). This is quite subjective to me. You don't have to be 18 or 16 even to enjoy some things. I don't break the law to make that point but the age of consent is as scientifically based as vaccinating yourself with spike protein.

I guess both denying lust or letting yourself be controlled by it can turn you into a slave. It's an individual thing, too. I don't drink for example and it's not because I think that's moral but because it doesn't do anything good for me. Nothing against but no enjoyment. Same thing would go for other things, depends on the person.

Iwara has servers in a country where the bigots can't take them down that easily. If it was based in the US or (needless to say) China, it would already be gone.

2021-08-27 22:30

ah yes. "balance" is the key word, all greek philosophs agree that balance in everything is generally the most important thing in live. no extremism, fanatism or zeal can lead to anything good. to much lust or to much control is ofcourse bad for you. But i couldnt care less, since i became a fanatic coomer like 20 years ago :D

no , jesus literarelly sayd just stay away from children as a freaking adult dont interact with them at all D; but in the old belife, a 13 years old or even younger female that had her first period is allready not a child anymore D;

2021-08-28 10:14

Ive never read such a nice convo on the internet before with no insults or screaming or trolling on a thread that started with lolis...

Im speechless 😶 i love iwara!

2021-08-28 16:30

I'm surprised, too Coitus. Last time there awas a holier than thou hypocrite that needed to go out of his way but they're scarce. We're mostly just rational degenerates here. Who know that being appalled by the impossible to discern age of virtual characters is silly.

Iwara has a ban on people insulting each other.. which may be good and bad at the same time but at least we can live at peace here. I generally try to be nice, the world is crap as it is with people trying to kick each other underground.

2021-08-28 16:38

HeavensBait, technically what Jesus said was "But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea." Which in itself doesn't necessarily imply sexuality (though it might) and is a translation as well and there's often a lot lost in translations.

Technically speaking 13 for girls is not a child, it's Kagamine Rin, I mean it's an adolescent. 12, 13, 14 is the most common age of discovery for girls and attraction to them is not something biologically speaking abnormal. The age of consent set to 16 or 18 is some crap psychology that has its beginnings in the first wave of the feminist movement. About a hundred years ago the age of consent was lower.

Ask around, girls at 13 are generally doing it. No surprise. I'm not encouraging anyone to break their local law but it might be as reasonable as mask mandates. It doesn't concern me anyway because I've been fine with just anime girls forever. All my past relationships were with slightly older women who I found absolutely hot. And they absolutely sucked in the end. Both the legal and illegal in this regard are not worth it for me

I have a feeling this thread will be closed because we're going sideways

2021-08-29 00:44

you have to read all 4 versions of that story, since 4 of jesus disciples wrote their own view D; ive just summerized it, but ofcourse it might be just my opinion that adults absolutely have to stay away from all children in general unless they are some sort of legal guardian D; thats why jobs like teachers, kindergarteners and prists are controversial because technically its not an ideal situation for the kids D;

after a girl hit her first period she become pretty fast full grown within 3 years. and also i cant remember a single girl that had an underdeveloped body, back them when i was in that age in shool lol. the lawmaker just wanted to give the girls more freedom so they decided a minimum age of 18, because obviously a 13 years old girl cant handle the situation when a 30 years old male is trying to hit on her. Its just not a fair situation D;

also lust is a great sorce of wisdom, only a fool can overlook this fact.

2021-08-29 06:27

To quote the authors themselves for context, not for beef:

"But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."

"It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin."

"Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea."

Matthew, Luke, Mark. I don't think John talks about this specifically. Could it be talking about sexual stuff? Not impossible but that is entirely an individual interpretation.

I find it odd that you say that relations between adults and children are bad. I sometimes deal with kids in my life of business and except for getting frustrated with them, I never did them wrong in any way. If you're an adult, they can learn a lot from you and by that I also don't mean anything of a sexual nature. Don't take this as an offense because I'm just trying to make the point that you certainly don't have to be afraid of kids. I deal mostly with adults, sometimes with kids and I know I'm not a danger to either of them.

As for teens, yes, that's what I'm saying. 16 is fully physically mature for girls, 14 is actually an age that can still fool you (that's why guys don't check ID and then get together with a 14 year old). How restricting young people is about freedom, idk. Whether they can handle a situation if someone older is hitting on them depends on experience. Nowadays many 13-14 year old girls are more experienced than me and I'm not even kidding

To anyone that might be seeing this - this is scarcely related to "ban on loli" unless it's a "ban on real loli". Anyway, don't break the law unless it's about "health"

2021-09-04 01:35

also dont put sentence out of context. and thats not the only ocasion when christ deals with kids.

there is another phrase that say, if your right hand cause you to sin you should better cut off your hand. one could argue it is refering to masturbation, so if you apply the same logic to the phrase "causing children to sin" it would be plausible to asume they talk about a sexual relationship outside of a merriage or atleast an whole heartly relationship. aka stuff like one night stands, fooling around with girls or going full rape and adultry D; this is where im coming from, but i could be completely wrong lol. But i Fap Master over 9000 Giorgio giovani will go to hell anyways :D

Even if the Bible completely avoids to talk about sex specifically, except that one book in the old testament where they talk about sex alot D;

sorry for my rough generalizations, im just to lazy to look stuff up.

relationships between adults and childreen are good and benefitial for both of them, im just saying most adults dont got the right to hang out with kids that are not of his own D; also when you go by the old rule that parents decide everything, they certainly wont let you fuq their teenage daughter, you would allways do such a thing in secret and in dissgrace D;

2021-09-09 22:31

Late reply but well, if you don't look stuff up, you will be going along with someone else's interpretations and to me while "causing children to sin" might be interpreted as pertaining to sexuality, it might not, even more so with "cutting your arm off" which to me is just a general advice on keeping things causing you to sin away from you. Might be any kind of addictions or anything that causes bad behavior apart from overindulgance in fapulous sessions.

The old rule that "parents decide everything" is a statement full of holes. Let's say parents decide to beat the crap out of their kid for saying something bad: should you just watch. Let's say parents decide to rape their kids which might be the most common circumstance in which child abuse happens or at the very least is not unheard of. Should it still be their choice? Should parents be able to decide what happens with you in every event? Probably not, so the same goes for them letting you boink their teenage daughter: it's subjective, also some will allow it, some will harass her far beyond being 18. Because it has nothing to do with rationality or logic. Their feelings come from the right place but they can become irrational quickly.

Age of consent is between 13 and 21 in contemporary times, not based on anything but emotions, certainly not based upon the welfare of anyone. It's not my issue, I don't hang out with younger people but at about 13 you should be able to decide to have *safe* sex with whoever you like. It's just my opinion which I base upon biology and the fact that pleasant experiences are not proven to cause trauma. That's about it.

2021-09-10 18:13

its not about what is fair, its just the simple fact that you need her parents blessing when she is underage-- at the very least, let them know what shes doing and why you are even hiding? and find out for yourself if here daddy doesnt come to your house to break your jaw, if you dont dare to do that than you probably know in your heart that you did something horrible. Some parents even choose what people she can hang out with. Its a kind of ownership. In this kind of conservative child-parent relationship its indeed allmost impossible to spot abuse. She has to seek help all by herself D;

but its a different story when parents actually dont care.

i think there are all kinds of sins, and the bible mean all of them. tought its difficult to comit adultry if non of them was actually married. words can be twisted but the heart knows whats right and whats wrong if you dare to be honest with yourself.