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#1 2021-11-28 04:30

Should Iwara have their own Vtubers? and who would you nominate?

Hello Brain here, again with another new topic and this time we are going to enter the world of V-tubers.. Whqat's a V-tuber you ask? Well V-tubers are in fact "Virtual You tubers " (at least that's what they say they are. But let's ask the first question.. Who was the first V-tuber to begin with? Well to be honest, she's right here on Iwara a few times., and who I am referring to is in fact, Kizuna Ai . (Yep you know who she is, and if not, I'll point you to a couple of her most recent videos here on Iwara Namely :


and yes she's been around since 2016 (That's 5 years ago).

But there are other V-Tubers as well like "Project Melody" Perhaps the first what I would call "Adult" V-tuber." You can find a lot of her work up on the main stream P-sites..

but if we had the chance to be able to do stuff like this (i know, we're a small community), but if we did who would be ours? Well I got a few ideas..

First up is perhaps this one: Angellia. Let's face it, this one already has had a demo out, and in fact she could be the first Iwara.TV V-tuber in the lot. after all the thing that qualifies as a V-tube is perhaps this one video right here: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/lw6zpf6ayyt8dovko

For her, she's cute, spunky and in fact I like this girl for some reason.. Maybe it's because she's part of the Iwara Community Now while Kizuna Ai may be the first V-tuber in the bunch, there have been others, and Angelia is perhaps the first original model I've seen on Iwara that deals with simple Q and A sessions people could deal with (I mean I have yet to see an Iwara version of Kizuna Ai doing interviews and what not, so I would say that Angelia is one of the first V-Tubers for the Iwara Community. But If I'm wrong, I do apologize.. After all making a model and putting an actual voice to it and having it do V-tube work on any scale (Be it General or Ecchi) is beyond me. But like I said there are just 3 of the V-tubers that stand out.. But I bet there are others.. (and yes if you look at Kizuna Ai one of her designations is in fact Vritual You-Tuber. So wouldn't it be intersting to see more of these type of girls/women showing up on Iwara?

But I'll leave the floor open for discussion. After all when all is said (and done) I bet we'll be starting to see more V-Tubers Grace our site in 2022.


2021-11-28 08:12

(FYI) You forgot an important V Tuber Mirai Akari because she complements Kizuna Ai I used them together on many Videos (Well my friend DNTeabear made them and I uploaded them in Iwara for our Group)

2021-11-28 17:36

My humble personal honest opinion. (Thatll make people hate me)

V tubers bring with them the censorship happy crowd. Iwara really doesnt need censorship following in. That said, miku, small and grown mikus as v tubers, some talented person oit there could make her a vtuber star, it IS miku miku dance central here anyway.

2021-11-28 19:37

Not like Vtuber but Original mascot character might be fun and interesting.
Call it Iwara chan or something like that?
Someone make a 3D model!
BTW who's the default profile blond twin tail anime girl?
Is that original character or from anime?

2021-11-28 21:45

girl for default iwara profile picture is from
Kiniro Mosaic ep11 screened around 14 minute

2021-11-29 01:51

If you give me Illyasviel von Einzbern, better yet the Prisma version as a virtual YouTuber and make her believable, i.e. similar in character to the sweet Illya in Kaleid world - I'm going into lockdown forever

2021-11-29 03:44

Well the reason why I b ring this up is because I cause a video on V-Tuber Girls and in fact you got to admit there must be a lot of them out there. But here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZSeZBw7G0Q

2021-11-29 06:34


2021-11-29 11:56

I said it in the past, but Izumi Shimizu by Ademar should be the official Mascot and I would love to see her as a vtuber. She is one of the most amzing NSFW models I've ever seen.

2021-11-30 07:31

RanamonLoverMMD +1. Oh, could we have a "+1" button at the forum one day?

2021-11-30 17:16

i dont know how to feel about kizuna ai since she seems to change her actors more often than her pants. while other Vtubers have atleast a real human personality, Kizuna Ai has nothing of that. she is only a scripted character, so in fact all real VTubers are kind of superior to her. and for just being a anime character shes not even looking great. I dont even want to give her credit for being the first, because shes just a corporated product. But coco aka Kson trancended from being a VTuber, now shes atleast a real youtuber and a real internet celebrity ;D

I thought about it for a while, and came to the conclusion we cant have a VTuber or a female Mascot, there is no way this character could stand out of the masses by being the same, she cant be just another girl. the Mascot has to be a boy for a change or some kind of animal creature, it would be the easiest way to make the mascot different :3

duckface izumi shimizu is dull and stands for nothing, shes not any sort of protagonist and certainly cant play a mascot.

I would wellcome any VTuber organisation that can detrone hololive please :3 competition is good

2021-12-01 16:32

i nominate no one. i dont think Iwara needs Vtubers, and the Vtuber market has been WAYYY too oversaturated since hololive. there's no point, and there won't be any uniqueness because everyone had already done everything. i dont really like vtubers in the first place. no thanks, please dont make a vtuber mascot for Iwara, i dont want that to happen

2021-12-06 05:58

nobody mentioned my favorite. Shishiro Botan, The nekoRussian. SZ made a great model of her.

Fubuki's gotta be the hottest foxgirl as well.

Ive actually seen quite a few, but those are my faves. Don't see a point in Iwara favoring one though. Variety is good.

2021-12-06 16:01

We don't need vtubers, Iwara has already been without vtubers and probably never will have vtuber mascots. Yes vtuber porn is uploaded here, but having a vtuber mascot is not needed because Iwara has always been without them.

2021-12-08 18:37

i agree with piesuki, having a vtuber mascot is probably not going to benefit iwara in a way. what iwara needs right now is to fix their servers because this website is quite buggy. although interesting idea, not a very thoughtful one