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Can anyone help with questions?

1. Does the material have its own coordinates, like bones?
I temporarily moved the material from my position.
I edited the model's face in another program. I want to return the material to its original position in "PMX". How can i do this?
The combination "Ctrl + Z" does not work.

2. How to correctly make the physics of the jaw on the bone?
I want to move the jaw of my mouth. Where can I find a video guide?

3. I need a video guide on how to make a beautiful belly of a model using a suitable plugin. So that it stretches and returns to its original position. By moving the slider in the model settings.

4. How to hide an extra mesh in blender if I exported the model there for editing.
I want to do the physics of the mouth and cheeks.

Thank you so much ...

2021-10-23 02:19

With point 1 I don't know how to help you, but for example in the PMX-Editor when I need to temporarily move a material so that it does not get in the way, I move them with the "objet management" (f4 key).
You select the vertices and with the "objet management" in the option "VAL" next to "SRT" in the column of the VAL button above it is the value in X there I put 100 and press the VAL button and the vertices move 100 Units after making the necessary modifications to return the vertices to their place, you select the moved vertices and in the value of X you put -100 and you click the button and the vertices return to their original place.

in point 2. do you want to put physics on the jaw so that it moves by itself ?.
For that you need to add a bone for the jaw and make its respective "weight paint" for that you can use the tutorials on how to add physics to the breasts that are on YouTube.

in point 3. I don't know if you mean the pregnant morph, there in iwara there is a plug-in to do that, I don't use it so I can't help you with that.
if what you want is a morph with a "belly bulge" that's more or less easy.
first create a sphere in Edit -> simple primitive, create a sphere of radius 0.3 and then move it to the navel area and then you will create a new Vertex morph and use the guide sphere to move the vertices of the navel or belly area .

for point 4 I have no idea how to use blender, but if you mean export from blender to PMX, you export everything visible and the PMX put the material with "opaque" = 0

2021-10-23 03:59

2.. I know how to create a bone for the jaw. I want to make the physics of the jaw on the bone in a blender. Export the model from PMX to Blender. Therefore I moved my face so that the rest of the materials did not interfere with me. How to apply the correct paint for the desired area? Which area should be covered from the lips to the neck? This is problem.

3. Yes I would like to make for my model a beautiful belly like the author of "Quappa-El" so that it has a relief shape and can be stretched in a pose.

2021-10-24 02:31

there is a bug in iwara that does not show the comments until you make a new comment = (.

2021-10-24 06:04