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#1 2021-09-19 21:01

Please help,critical situation!

Hi,everyone. I'm a HENTI VRMMDer from Japan.
I only speak Japanese. DeepL I'm translating. I'm sorry if it doesn't come across correctly.

VR content is in crisis. I'm really missing the VR footage of Iwara. I've researched the latest data to see exactly how critical it is.
Please refer to this page first:

In light of this critical situation, I would like the management to consider easing the size limit (300MB) for submitted videos,
but only for VR videos.
The main reason why VR videos are shunned is that they do not receive as many views and likes as 2D videos,
even though they require more work.
However, when it comes to iwara, the biggest reason is the "capacity limit".
For 2D videos, 300MB is enough, but for VR, it is not enough to express the same quality, and even if you can barely watch it,
it is quite difficult.
As a suggestion to deal with this problem.
1: Videos converted using "VR180 Creator" from YoutubeVR (Google) will have their capacity limit eased.
2: When the "VR" flag is checked (added), the capacity limit is relaxed.
It is easy for anyone to determine whether it is VR or 2D, so I don't think it will cause much injustice.
皆さん、こんにちは。私は日本のHENTAI VRMMDerです。
日本語しか話せません。DeepL 私は翻訳しています。正しく伝わらなかったらごめんなさい。


1:YoutubeVR(Google)の「VR180 Creator」を使って変換した動画は、容量制限を緩和する。

2021-09-19 22:58

Hello. My answer isn't quite what you're looking for, but your translation into English is pretty good!
Japanese (DeepL):

2021-09-20 17:55

I love VR

2021-09-20 17:58

I created a 360 video yesterday and it was a little over 300MB.
Nonetheless, I got the response from people who watched it that the quality was poor.

However, I don't have VR goggles myself, so I don't understand what resolution would be best for making a video.

I'm poor.

2021-09-21 03:18

I think that very few people have hardware to see that so if we do the math we will see that the demand for these videos is very little.
You can also make videos of those as previews and direct your audience to a complete video on some download site.
I think...

2021-09-21 09:17

私は、hmd、2つのコントローラー、2つの灯台基地局を備えたhtcviveセットアップを持っています。 適切な解像度はコンピューターの能力によって異なりますが、2kが適切な解像度であることがわかりました。 4k解像度が最適ですが、4kビデオは非常に重いため、それぞれ数ギガになる可能性があります。 この要因は、ストレージに応じて保持できる数に影響します。 セカンダリ(データストレージ)ドライブに約4 TBがあり、常により多くのスペースを求めて戦っています。クラウドストレージには、非常に大きなファイルに対して独自の欠点があります。 したがって、2k解像度は、180 / 360vrビデオのスイートスポットだと思います。 これが私が最もよく機能することがわかったものです。-spiritofrabbit

I have a htc vive setup, with hmd, two controllers and two lighthouse base stations. The proper resolution will depend on how capable the computer is but I have found that 2k is a good resolution. Having 4k resolution is probably optimal but, 4k videos are very heavy, they can be several gigs each. This factor impacts how many can be kept depending on your storage. I have about 4 TB on a secondary (data storage) drive and am always fighting for more space, cloud storage has its own drawbacks for very large files. Thus, the 2k resolution is the sweet spot I think for 180/360 vr videos. This is what I have found to work best. -spiritofrabbit

2021-09-21 16:46

Thank you, Ryuk.
I'm glad and relieved that you got the message right.

2021-09-21 16:52

Thank you,heavensBait.
It would be great to have more people with the same hobby.

2021-09-23 08:05

Thank you, Fulgura.
Even for VR180, 300MB is not enough, so for VR360, it would be tough if there are many moving objects even with a fixed camera.

2021-09-23 08:14

Thank you, HoAy.
Isn't preview video forbidden in iwara?

2021-09-25 09:28

yes, preview videos are prohibited.
but, you can make your video in "normal" mode and put links to stereoscopic video, vr video, 3dvideo.
not many links because it is also forbidden to put many links, the moderators have already caught my attention a couple of times for putting "too many" links