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#1 2021-05-17 18:49

Managing MMD assets: Digital Asset Management (DAM)

I started to create R-18 movies 2 months ago, and my MMD shared asset folder is quickly becoming a mess !
At this rate, I will quicky be lost between archives missing their famous passwords, untranslated readme files, obsolete versions, lost original author link etc.
And i'm quite sure, this is the same for a LOT of people here...

I looked for a solution to clean this mess, and obsviously this is a common problem:
There's even a name for software designed to solve those kind of problems: DAM (Digital asset management)

Great, but perhaps a little bit overkill for my need:
So far, I only found professional solutions, dedicated to teamworks, sharing assets across networks, needing a complex database setup, and some even required a dedicated server.

All I need is a tool to browse and query my local collection, and of course beeing able to refresh it as soon as I add new content to it:
Filtering by custom type (models, motions, cameras, scenes, items, clothes, etc...)
Fitlering by author
Filtering by permissions (R-18 Allowed, Author wants credits etc..)
Having a picture preview would be fantastic.

Is there anyone here using a similar tool and having results ?
If not: Do you have advices on how to organize your content.


2021-05-17 23:44

I'm currently working on a project that can do all of this, and a few other things, easily and for free. I'm designing it with Iwara and its users in mind. I don't know how long it will be until I'm ready to post a beta release of it. If you haven't found a solution by that time, would you like me to notify you when I do post it? At the current rate of development, I'm expecting to release a beta version in 2-4 weeks.

2021-05-18 20:47

That's fantastic !
Do not hesitate to notify me when you feel it's ok, I can also fill bug reports if you need a tester.
Thanks ;)

2021-05-19 08:12

I think you could also do somthing similar in Notion (notion.so) with its Database feature.
I haven't tried it yet (since I'm lazy), but the mmd assets are normaly rather small so it should work.
You could then share it as a template for others to use.
Again, I don't know how practical it would be, since I'm not well versed in Notion, but it's likely worth a shot.