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#1 2022-06-24 03:16

Low Server Power continued

I've seen the latest post on low server power and a suggestion for GEO restrictions. I would simply have another idea: a Premium account option that some sources tell me is being considered.

What seems to be the best solution would be a Free Account for viewing material and limited/no download options and a Premium Account that has download options and/or better resolution allowed.

That IMO would make most sense and tbh if I had to pay some $5 per months for a Premium, I'd be glad to considering how much hmm... enjoyment the ecchi side of this site has brought me.

Who's in? Or are you thinking of other solutions?

2022-06-24 04:51

No. The internet is full of enough greed. all the metric websites I've searched indicate that they make enough revenue from ads and traffic already to fully support a robust server system in every country, and pay a full time developer to keep the site up and running and releasing new features. There's no reason to pay them, especially when this website has been just short of unusable garbage with next to no features for YEARS.

Also, you would really pay the WEBSITE rather than the artist that is the actual intellectual rights owner of the MMDs, and who put their time, blood, sweat, tears, and creativity into making the amazing mmd models and videos we all love? iwara.tv is literally nothing more than a storage bin with a video player, and has done NOTHING to be worth charging for.

2022-06-24 11:56

"Nothing to be worth charging for"

Ya know, except program, develop, moderate, and host the site. The singular censor-free haven on the Internet. If it's so easy and worthless, do it yourself. This is not the Empire of Google with its bottomless pockets. There is a reason there is no direct competitor to YouTube.

Moving on from the ungrateful, entitled jackass:

This already exists. It's been up for about a year. You can thank it for Iwara's continued existence. https://ehmmd.com/

It has more features, more quality control, a better search engine and tag system, a filter system... things I'm sure will come to Iwara once it becomes financially sustainable. That, or the sites will merge somehow.

Hopefully this doesn't cause anyone to harass me via PM like the idiot who wanted GEO restrictions has been.

2022-06-24 12:26

how it is that variety of stuid ideas is considered by community itself?

You're very worth dlc and other scam stuff that developers make these days.
Od iwara discord admin told us that it is software problem and servers are good.

2022-06-24 18:07

I'd say enforce the rules if capacity is the issue. There are too many authors that are selling their "friends" to watch private videos. One uploader has 30 pages of private videos & you must access their off-site pay site & be a member ! 30+ pages ! Others put a 30 second to one minuet video, then say visit their off-site for full videos & full resolution. For a fee, of course. Also, the problem with charging a fee, is the original IP holders could get involved & sue Iwara for compensation. Rooster Teeth is notorious for that. Now imagine Hoyoverse, Kancolle, Azur Lane, etc coming for their piece of the pie ! Free-Fair Use, Paid-IP holders come first. But that's just my opinion.... If volunteer moderators are needed, I'll volunteer ! I have the free time to do it...

2022-06-25 04:47

Made a post in another thread that is relevant to this thread as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if those websites gave accurate results? It's too bad that they don't have REAL data to produce their estimates and instead base it entirely on their own assumptions and guesses. They also assume each website is 100% properly monetized. Which we are not. I just checked Worth of Web for the first time in quite a while. According to them, we make an estimated $1,600,000 per month. Wow, that would be impressive.

If these websites were even remotely accurate, I'd be a millionaire by this point and Iwara would never have any problems because I could just throw unlimited money at it. But the fact is that they are not. They don't even know how much traffic we really get. They DO NOT have access to our analytics.

Example of how wrong they are.
Worth of Web

Actual, for May of 2022.

Sessions = visits
Users = unique visitors

1.6 million per month is possible if 10% of all of Iwara's visitors were to give us $5 every month. But that is an absurd percentage that will never happen.

2022-07-28 12:45

[I had to edit this paragraph] Oh my lord, I've misred the intent of the graph. The actual traffic is much higher than it shows, that was the point [leaves saying: "I'm sorry I'm retarded"]. Well, with actual millions of visitors in comparison to what this wrongly shows, some form of *optional* premium is a no brainer. Start earning guys

And actually PornHub has Premium Accounts, mind you, and they charge more than $5 leaving you with granny fart videos of advanced cellulite and "camera man had one job" videos if you don't pay at this point. What Iwara creators could do, if they haven't already, is to make an account and ask the site owners about partner programs to get some insight (or just straight out copy them if nothing else)

On that point, I know for a fact that a significant amount of the money from PornHub goes to Partners. Yes, a Partner Program is something that Iwara could consider.

So look, in the end the cost of paying a few bucks that everyone who's not homeless can afford is worth having better insfrastructure/software/options for the site and possibly a Partner Program for chosen users as well (or some other form of partial redistribution to creators). To me everybody wins this way.

Funny how some people would want the creators pay for increasing their upload limit but then we have talks about their "blood, sweat and tears" (uh, I don't think making MMD should be *that painful*). Well there's blood, sweat and tears for viewers, site owners and creators if the site has issues. Iwara was at a breaking point a few years ago and survived only due to the determination of the small group that owns it. Not saying the team is perfect but they aren't the bad guys here.

So in the end usable Free and Premium versions of this site are the best end goal from how I see it at least

2022-07-23 12:12

the number of visitors could be much less, considering people are useing services that hide their presence and change their ip adress frequently, or your internet box or your vpn service is doing it even without your knowledge D; so one user can generate tousends of uniqe visitor counts per mounth D; also one lurker will look up hundreds and tousends of videos within a few weeks. So when the statistics is saying 4 million visitors the number of actual humans could be less than 10.000 D; which i would rather belive.

also internet crawler bots from websearch engines like google will casually access websites, doesnt really mean its a visitor.
addvertisement research and analytics bots that will follow a user and act like they are a visitor too D;
and ddoss attacks happen on a regular basis just millions of fake connections.
and also the evil shady creators that will buy fake likes and views to upvote their own videos, and groups/networks of people that upvote themselfs to be more relevant :0 dunno if its a thing on iwara..

to me personally iwara doesnt have enough to offer that would make a subscription valid. from the 1% of videos that i actually watch the rest is just painfull to see. But the good stuff is getting boring too its not enough to keep people entertained, so no, sorry. i wont pay anything while getting increasingly frustrated with this place. how do you even dare to ask? In comparison Youtube post more videos per minute than the total amount of videos on iwara. and the search engine is practically non exsistent it is really a pain having to search video per video, page by page allways in fear to miss something because its incomplete and broken. Making a Playlist of relevant videos is not a solution, its just an act of frustration over the fact that this website is not working.

only bright side of iwara at this point is that you can post videos that would be taken down on other sites, but even iwara is to scared to host the realistic lolis.

2022-07-22 23:45

I love how people that complain about this site but wont donate or even make videos. Well A person can be given something for free but bitch because their videos cache slow.You get what you pay for. Admin thank You for keeping this site alive and Free.
The Dark Ninja Families! Thank You Iwara from DNTeabear FDR ( This was sent to me from DNT to post here)

2022-07-28 12:28

The two replies above both have something going for them but it's like, well, black and white when we have to see shades of grey. There's no reason to believe that Admin wouldn't make this place as powerful as regular porn sites but without there being a paid version the chances of that are practically zero unless some weeb whale donates (which you shouldn't count on as I don't know if weeb whales even exist).

Yeah, it would basically be an investment. I don't personally watch only 1% of videos but I have to agree that quality is all over the place. You still can find a lot that you'll like but on that topic, I notice more and more videos that aren't perfected. I mean, they are literally 90% good but someone didn't bother to fix the physics in two places.

There's still possibly no competition to this site and despite the problems I enjoy it. I once even tried to promote it on bigger sites and it took them 3 months to finally come up with "our rules prohibit including links", so I couldn't credit anybody.

But I still believe that as technology with time becomes more available, we may see a breakthrough. I think I also have a better idea for support that should've been obvious but eluded me, I'll get back on it after a while

2022-08-01 23:11

Yeah - they are strong on their opinions, but at times I can't even tell if heavensBait is supposed to be trolling?

To clear it up a little, "perfected" mmd physics are difficult, because:
it's hard to control physics - you could bake, and manipulate them, but it's not easy.
Unless you mean some massive physic issue- otherwise I've heard of people rerendering things, because of mmd physics being not completely predictable.

HeavensBait, those are stats collected by google's tracking. It's as accurate as it gets I believe. If it comes to fake visitors, almost all of the would be detected. Now pick a random month of this year. See top few videos.
Maybe you are spending 24/7 on iwara and say 10000 users sound reasonable?
Now let's see how many creators are there (post a video)- I estimate it's over 6 thousand now.
Do you think it's 3:2 ratio? (creators-viewers)
wouldn't that make viewcounts of all videos extremely low? each day there are hundred thousands views.
Do you watch all new videos, and expect same from others?

2022-08-01 23:15

What is as powerful as regular porn sites? He made the sites years ago as something for (back then) would be small community. I don't think iwara's goal was being as big as possible, but it happened anyway.

2022-08-01 23:34

No Dull, I'm not talking about some laborsome processes such as "baking". I literally see people leaving some badly applied physics on characters that can be corrected through redoing numbers in physics parameters in a single window. Literally just typing in different values in 5-10 brackets at most.

The issues are trivial: like springs bouncing back and forth making boobs or other body parts into hyperactive jelly or some badly placed body parts that could be corrected in a few minutes.

Of course sometimes correcting the physics may be a b!tch as you try to figure out what's wrong but people who produce stuff, especially those with a year or more experience recently don't pay that much attention to it.

And of course it doesn't have to be a deal breaker in every case and for every person...

I don't think Heavensbait is trolling, he's consistent in his opinions even if you don't agree with them. It's hard to argue about tastes and about how much "imperfection" one can tolerate in a video. I can tolerate reasonable amounts, I'm just saying that the craftsmanship level has dropped even compared to 2018.

Maybe especially compared to 2018 because after that the Convid, I mean Covid hit along with all the other wonderful things in health (including mental) and economy after that. Many people are probably struggling but many are not yet seasoned. I refer you to 2018. Tech has started to really improve then and creativity was at its peak. That's why Heavensbait is not completely wrong on videos as such

2022-08-01 23:47

To the point of Iwara becoming the biggest: Iwara was the de facto main site for MMD and anime-style porn since about 2016. Whatever the creators set it out to be is irrelevant and success should be taken advantage of to the fullest from my point of view

Has Iwara become as big as possible though? I'd say: no, not even close to it. And it's just a matter of policy standing in its way of rooting out regular porn. I'm kind of an insider and saw first hand how CGI porn is being hidden and censored just because porn actresses need to earn, literally.

Iwara will not only survive but with time exceed expectations as a long term investment and also if a day comes that haptics can be incorporated (I'm going sci-fi right now) and policies stop working against the site (I'm probably dreaming right now) then the site or its equivalent will not be as big, it will root out regular porn sites. And I can tell you that even the already available CGI stuff is something they already fear

Just one fact: there's literally only one actual tech guy working on this site. Imagine if they could employ 5 or 10. A "No Man's Sky" team. Regular porn sites would be shitting bricks

2022-08-03 21:59

#1 there are many good videos, but they are generic. meaning the biggest bulk of work was done by copy past some files while including some slightly different stuff to make "your" video distinguishable from other videos that would be otherwise identical. Most videos on iwara are of this nature and nobody is watching them more then one time. The remaining 1% of videos are real interesting and have rewatch potential, but a video can be watchd only so many times until it gets boring. Conclusion, iwara doesnt offer enough entertainment to keep people interested. having people lurking desperately for old videos is allready a red flag.

#2 the most liked videos reflect the approval of the active userbase. So when Piconano-femto post a video atleast 80% of the active members will definetely leave a like. approx 80% of twitter users are fake bots, so elon musk decided not to buy twitter. why you should trust google statistics than? If that kind of traffic was real we would deal with completely different like and view counts. i would argue iwara is dealing with only 10k active people. the rest is fake and alot of one time visitors.

#3 the whale is basicly any working person that spend like 10K € per year on anime stuff because he like computers, 2D waifus and video games more than real woman, and i belive we have plenty of those guys here on iwara D;

2022-08-04 18:52

The official stat on bots that was ackowledged on Twitter was 1/3 of the users, not 80%. Still a lot and for that matter when I read YouTube comments for example (I don't use Twitter - it's a mess) I have the impression that the whole thing could be generated by a low grade bot. Talk about copy and paste.

I'm not willing to crap of all that's new on Iwara because there are definitely works that are both enjoyable and creative at the same time and I usually like the more regular work. It's also been a bit better the last few months thanks to some new creators like Sam but also returning ones like Colonel Maleback or the other guy that made a comeback whose name I can't remember for the life of me

Still we're not yet at 2018 creativity levels and I agree that there's just a lot of stuff that's kind of samish, usually created by the Chinese (quality high, creativity down in the drain) except Xiaodidi and one other guy who make it more fresh than just the same damn dance and the same damn song and the same angle. Which is fine for people who've just seen Iwara for the first time but not for users like us

2022-08-05 00:20

if twitter admit its 1/3 than its most certainly alot worse than that, because they are liers.

Ive playd like 100 hours Xenoblade Chronicles 3 since past weekend, in comparison the enjoyment i recived from iwara and MMD is nothing. its just a frustrating killing of time that can not keep me entertained for more than 2 minutes until i get distracted by something else and lately my mind wander off thinking different things D; this portal is built upon promises of the ultimate sex and dance anime porn, but this bunch of amateur wannabees fail to deliver time and time again and i slowly but surely lost my belive in this pseudo hentai religion. actually this people dont have the skill nor the resorces to make it real. if you look closely its nothing more than a small wordpress site. they will allways feed you this empty promises without actually doing something elaborated or high profile. why the admin dont go to the bank fore once and take a loan like a real bussiness man and make this place real lol

2022-08-05 22:46

I definitely spend more than 2 minutes here but I mostly download stuff because it's availability is not guaranteed for more than one reason. I don't see things being that bad here and well, it's mostly amateurs because everyone has to start somewhere. I've seen super quality videos that are less enjoyable than something made on a potato computer because it's too much copy and paste. I mean copy and paste is unavoidable and sometimes even desirable (you want your favorite character in the new hot dance for example) but sometimes it's too much.

There's still enough awesome videos to fill up a large hard drive both from this year and before it...

I don't touch games. Last time I did that I was playing for 2 weeks straight, Black Desert i.e. you can see you characters beautiful behind but mostly it's empire building. And back in life in the meantime you achieve nothing, so I stopped. Are we even allowed to mention game titles here? I'll censor that next time if necessary

2022-08-06 11:29

i am tired of the amateur excuse, they should challange themselfs and have bigger goals.

Dear Team Hollow i wish i was still enthusiastic about MMD like you are. But in reality its nothing but a Sh**hole of empty promises lol. even less delivering than the actual entertainment industry that is allready on an all times low, Iwara is like the personal Homepage of Mr.PiNK because there is nobody else on that level lol

2022-08-07 09:16

Piconano_Femto, Blue Toufu, recently Naitokoubou those are definitely about the same level and probably a few more but I can't think of the names from the top of my head. And a lot of creators who might not be at that level but who still produce good stuff.

It's a free site and some free version will always be available, so I don't like to complain about people's work. Whatever they create, it's for sharing enjoyment with others and most try to add at least some uniqueness to their work. A video doesn't have to be MrPink level for me to enjoy. There's also almost zero chance for someone to make something like that from scratch, especially when just starting out. Technically also MrPink does do quite a lot of copy and paste too but with high quality animations

2022-08-07 09:18

Well moral of the story, some will enjoy the site more than others due to personal preferences and to some extent their time here. Can't argue with likes and dislikes in the end, so to each his own. Thx for the input

2022-08-07 11:57

well, lets see. from June and July i harvested the highest rated 25 videos each, from those 50 videos i liked maybe 5. this time even Steven Purgatory video was rubbish even thought he has used Bremerton for it D; I dont mean to rant about creators, just want to point out the low activity. All we got is chinese music and genshin impact, just an highly irrelevant free to play gatcha game D; i belive we can do ALOT better.

Actually i came back to check on Iwara because i discovered kem_kem apperently put all his videos on hide. Its shocking

2022-08-08 03:15

Stonks of Rin and Miku in good quality, who'd put that on hide I just don't get it.

Steven's last video was basically devoid of a storyline which he's been putting in his latest videos basically making his so unique he became like a regular movie producer. I guess his last video was just a shorter work during summer break. If you said I'm giving people excuses, yes, that's definitely right but that's one decent excuse, among folks taking the wonderful government juice to keep their jobs, suffering financial hardship and a possible cold winter, hopefully not a nuclear one because the West thought it was a good idea to poke Putin.

What about Asia? Restrictions on normal life and movement are shocking in Japan that is near currency collapse, while China might be ready to go to war not to lose power and things there are even far more catastrophic

All of that inevitably must impact people's work but I believe in this site and enjoy it as it is even now. I appreciate anyone who makes the effort to produce videos, whether they're anything from terrible to god-tier, they're someone's honest attempt and someone will always like them.

Many creators struggling is why I hope some Partnership Program will return part of the money for Premium Accounts to them. Iwara 2.0 seems reasonable on that: free version is completely usable, premium version let's you show off to friends basically

I've gone sideways here, so that's enough for me because this thread will get stupid long.

2022-08-15 21:41

HeavensBait, I again can't see your points as genuine.

Let's say there were 10k users. each spending 3hours+ watching 50 (OLD) videos daily as they can't find nothing in oh so terrible state iwara is in. Each video is 300MB to that, all creators recording in QHD+ so it somehow stays within bitrate limits. How much traffic (in TB) is it daily? let's round up ~3TB.

So, if they are distributed evenly, what kind of load is it? less than 300Mbps.
There are 2 old iwara servers, and while not 100% sure I'd guess they can output 10Gbps. on low traffic hours they are reported to reach 5Gbps+
Some iwara creators have tens of thousands followers on twitter, some you might not even recognize. You seem to like bremerton, I dislike her model, but Steven Purgatory did good job on it regardless. There might be 10k or less people sharing your tastes, if that's what you are going for. I wouldn't even call Mr.Pink peak of iwara.

You, talk about content quality, while providing compilations of questionable quality. Don't get me wrong, I can even see some of them as entertaining, but not a thing that would do good job at anything. There isn't good crediting happening, which is main point of compilations, isn't it?
I'd also say you probably missed some videos on monthly reports, but generally it seems you get ~2 videos daily. Let's round down and call it 2%.

You are all talk, but you don't propose, what would be solution to make creators produce GOOD stuff? Or did iwara fail you and you can talk about that on forums?
"this portal is built upon promises of the ultimate sex and dance anime porn" who promised you that? was that trollvids slogan?

Why don't you do something for once? Be it, good video, making people aware, how it's supposed to be done? Maybe go to bank for once and like real investor, try to convince admin to sell you the site? Do something.

Or maybe watch less porn. if you need 4 videos at a time, then lower frequency to every 2 days.