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#1 2022-06-18 09:19

Low server power

In the evening hours on weekdays, as well as all weekends, when a lot of people watch videos and also download videos, there is not enough capacity of iwara servers, which ultimately does not display a page with videos, or most videos become unavailable for viewing, or when playback shows a slideshow instead of a video.

When do you plan to rent more servers?

Otherwise, you will not be able to fix the situation with a blank page instead of a video, inaccessible video, or with a slideshow when watching videos.

As an option, if you do not have money to increase the capacity of servers, I suggest you make a GEO restriction on access to the site by time of day, for certain countries, so that due to the large number of users it would not lead to such errors.

2022-06-18 09:44

That would change quite literally nothing about the site's functionality. You'd just be accomplishing the same thing with extra steps.

2022-06-18 10:07

Are you an idiot? Simple example:

Conventionally, the site is designed for a simultaneous stay of up to 1,000,000 users, but instead, twice as many are sitting on the site at the same time. Due to exceeding the allowable ability to process requests to the site, videos start to slow down in the form of a slideshow.
Then conditionally suppose the load doubles, some of the videos become unavailable for viewing, and the site starts showing an error in the video: The video is still being processed.
By evening, the load increases by two more and conditionally becomes 8,000,000 users at the same time, with the admissible ability of the site to show content to all users without any problems, taking into account that only conditionally 1,000,000 users can be on the site at the same time in terms of server capacity.
And then only an empty page appears instead of content, everyone is trying to see videos, but there are too many requests and the servers cannot process such a number due to insufficient power.

And as I wrote earlier, there are only two ways to fix this:

1) Increase the number of servers for processing simultaneous requests to the site.

2) Limit the number of requests to the site by geolocation depending on the time of day, for example, when it is daytime in the West, the site should not be available to the entire East, similarly to the South and North.

2022-06-18 10:24

A better solution would likely to be to lock it to only Patreon subscribers during those peak hours. Server space costs money, so it makes sense that those that are willing to help fund it are the ones who at least get priority.

2022-06-18 10:42

Zantonnia, you don’t seem to understand either, IWARA makes money on advertising, and the answer is very simple to your idea that it won’t be when, because it will take money from them, and giving access only to patreon subscribers is pointless.
Make a subscription to IWARA paid for everyone and then there will be no one left at all, everyone will watch SWF versions of videos from Youtube.
Those who have a subscription to Patreon and watch Patreon only then, the hell are you climbing here?
The ideal option without the administration investing money in servers would be to set limits for content makers, for example, each can upload 1 video per day, and also limit visits to IWARA by time of day depending on geolocation.
Let me say that the recent decision of the administration to suspend the upload of videos solved the problem for everyone at once, but they did it a little wrong, you just need to put a limit on day 1 new video and the problem will disappear and for safety net, the access ban by geolocation from the time of day in the region.

2022-06-18 10:57

Can we just ban all users from america? should help load issue

2022-06-18 11:08

You don’t need to ban anyone, you just need to make sure that when it’s daytime in North and South America, the site is unavailable in Asia and Europe because it’s night there and almost everyone sleeps. And there won't be a problem.

Аnd vice versa, when in Europe and Asia the day is not available for them

2022-06-18 11:14

If the Site Administration, for example, solves the problem by renting new servers for video hosting, they will need to rent an additional 20 servers for stable work in the future, which in terms of money will cost them an additional $140,000 per month.
But they can solve the problem by setting a free limit on how many users can visit the site, as well as on the number of videos they can upload per day.

2022-06-18 14:58

First I write that I created this sentence using Google Translate. I'm sorry if I couldn't convey what I wanted to convey to English-speaking people with the correct grammar and the correct meaning.

By the way, it may not lead to a fundamental solution that can confirm the effect with immediate effect, but the top page of the site and each item (video, list of posted works of the author who subscribes, user is Like Enlighten each user with the sentence "Please wait a while and try again if you want to update to avoid page load error or over-access" at the top of each page of the work list that you pressed. I think that is the first priority.

The reason for this is that on other platforms we usually use, the value that "it is natural that you can use it at any time and without any problems" has permeated end users. One of the statuses is that each publisher has a huge amount of resources and is eager to strengthen the server, and the impact of a rudimentary resource shortage such as "I can't access the site and can't use the content". Because the chances for general users to imagine about

People who have experienced such an event in modern times are exposed to MMOs and F2P games, which have a very large population of users, and have been involved in login congestion immediately after regular maintenance or emergency maintenance. It's only for some people.

It's like a culture that has been passed down since the dawn of online games, but for those who haven't come into contact with such games, it's just a "crappy event that only frustrates" and from that frustration. The server is always a DDoS attack because it does "F5 refresh" continuously, especially during busy hours, when the scale is routinely done by tens of thousands of users instead of 100 or 1000. Isn't it in a state where it is under the same high load?

2022-06-18 15:44

As a countermeasure
This is the method used in Japanese Nico Nico Douga.(2007~now)

1. During times when congestion is expected, set an upper limit on the image quality of the video to be played on the site side and disable video playback with the original image quality of the source file. (Instead, you can always get Source quality files for file downloads)

2. A time penalty of 3 to 5 minutes will be imposed on users who refresh the same page continuously in a very short time. (This alleviates the meaningless chain of heavy load on the server by the user who keeps refreshing until the video is played properly for the time being and the page is displayed properly)

First of all, nothing can be solved by not doing these two things

To be honest, the size of iwara hasn't changed since 5 years ago, but the size of the users and communities used in the last 3 years has exploded day by day and is already saturated. Has fallen into a contradiction that both creators and viewers are trying to get the same quality from Youtube and twitch on this site.
And the site development team, which has lost control of it, turns away from the underlying problem and tells the creators a roundabout way to "reduce the load on the site" (similar content and thumbnails). (Prohibition of duplicate posting of works with) has led to the action of strangling oneself, such as reducing the variation of individual works.

As a result, some creators gave up their activities on iwara and completely moved to major platforms such as fantia, patreon, gumload via twitter, and we can not see their wonderful activities here. In some cases

Will it be a place that can only be used as an advertising place to guide iwara to external content? Or will we continue to develop this place as a place to send out wonderful works of many creators?

There is no doubt that it is at this moment that the site management team is at that turning point.

2022-06-18 21:29

The administration already forbids uploading new videos on the weekend, you see that they just pour terabytes into the servers, but they can’t cope and everything doesn’t work, you can’t watch anything.

2022-06-19 08:41

Your GEO restriction idea is incredibly flawed.

First of all, you plan to allow access only during the day when most people are at work instead of during the evening and night when most people have free time?

But regardless, if you manage to reduce a significant portion of the load at any given time using this method, that just means you're blocking a large number of people from accessing at a time that's convenient for them. That's just discrimination based on personal schedule.

2022-06-19 03:20

The administration already forbids uploading new videos on the weekend, What!? Is this for real?

2022-06-19 09:18

It was the second day as the administration did nothing to eliminate server overload.
And instead of the video, we see a blank screen.

2022-06-20 05:40

And no, that thing about them not allowing uploads over the weekend was total BS. I've been browsing Iwara again ever since I learned about the "-3" url midday Saturday. I've seen new videos being uploaded regularly since then.

2022-06-20 14:35

Georestriction will not work. Lots of people use VPN which makes their true location impossible to guess. Many also view at evenings/nights so it would be unfair to shut them out. The "problem" is that Iwara is so popular, among the 10,000 most visited sites globally (actual rank 3190 in May 2022, according to semrush.com). Congrats!

2022-06-20 16:52

well, then there is only one option, you need to install new servers for them, I think if the site is made paid from $ 1 per month, there will be enough for the server and they just put the rest in their pocket.

2022-06-24 04:44

just throwing this out there in case someone didn't already (I skimmed the vast majority of this forum as 99% of the posts seem to be a version of "you're an idiot.", "no you're the idiot!", "NO YOU!", "YOU!", and so on.)

Ad revenue? not 100% sure how accurate the metric websites are, but all the ones I searched indicated that Iwara.tv makes about $4,000.00 PER DAY in unique hits/ad revenue. since I don't own a server, I'm not 100% sure of the cost, but I'm pretty sure that making 4k/day is MORE than enough to have a dedicated top tier server in every damn state much less country and still have more than enough left over to live very comfortably and buy a fucking lambo while you're at it. the upper-middle class career people make 4k a MONTH, mind you.

my point is. whitelist the site if you have an adblock (like I do for all websites i like and use so I can support them a little). making this site a "premium" site is NOT the answer (especially when it's buggy, poorly designed, and with barely minimal features). that's what a sad number of ecchi websites (im looking at you sankakucomplex.com) have done in the last 5 years and a lot of them have lost a fair bit of their traffic because of it.

2022-06-26 10:21

This kind of reminds me of the same issue gelbooru had going for a while. Their images covers such a wide variety of ranges that unimaginable amounts of people cross their servers daily. I forget what worked for them in the end, but they definatly went to the route of patreons, subscriptions, ad revenue, and donations, not that it was ever a requirement to be on the site.

Now consider, Gelbooru is very much like this site, only replace low file-size images with countless amounts of HD videos, some of which are offered in 2k or 4k. Of course the servers are going to have issues!

I'm not offering much in advice or solutions, just wanted to point that out. Maybe the method in which uploaded files are hosted can mitigate the issue a little...

2022-06-26 23:40

This is a message from Discord left by the admin on 20.06.2022:
"Just want to clarify what the issue with the white /videos and /images pages actually is.

The problem is not the server being unable to handle it. It's the software itself that is crashing due to the number of requests. We will be moving away from this software with the new website.
Upgrading the server won't do any good, considering the current server is only about 20% utilized at peak hours."

So, it seems that we have to wait 'till the new version of Iwara is finished. (You can get a peak at new Iwara at https://staging.iwara.tv/ [It's only for testing purposes, so everything left there will be deleted in the future.])