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#1 2021-04-09 23:17

Increase of unpleasant videos


There is many unpleasant videos being uploaded. Please add feature to hide seeing some videos.

Thank you.

2021-04-10 01:19

You are right, there are videos with child abuse or with insects or with feces or with torture or with rapes or with nudity or videos very badly made that are unpleasant.

2021-04-10 02:20

tru true.

2021-04-10 03:15

unpleasant videos have not increased. what has increased are prudish users.
The culture of cancellation is beginning to reach Iwara, we have to take quick action before it gets out of hand.
This is how this "cancellation" begins with users complaining that the world does not adapt to their tastes.
I suggest that if you don't like weird fetishes you don't try to ban them.
There are several things here in Iwara that I don't like and I don't try to ban it, I've always thought that if you don't like something, just don't see it and don't give your opinion.
Anyway I hope with all my heart that you don't start trying to ban things here in Iwara.
otherwise we will end up with pure censored vanilla. (ง • ̀_ • ́) ง

los videos no placenteros no han aumentato. lo que ha aumentado son los usuarios mojigatos.
la cultura de la cancelacion empeza a llegar a Iwara, hay que tomar medidas rapido antes de que esto se descontrole.
asi es como comienza esto de la "cancelacion" con usuarios quejandose de que el mundo no se adpta a sus gustos.
yo sugiero que si no les gustan los fetiches raros no traten de prohibirlos.
hay varias cosas aqui en Iwara que no me gustan y no trato de prohibirlo, siempre he pensado que si algo no te gusta simplemente no lo veas y tampoco opines.
en fin espero de todo corazon que ustedes no empiecen a intentar prohibir cosas aqui en Iwara.
si no terminaremos con puro vainilla censurado. (ง•̀_•́)ง

2021-04-10 03:41

HoAy, I totally agree with you. There hasn't been an increase in "unpleasant" videos. I enjoy big ti*ts, I enjoy little women and don't care about what the fictional age of a fictional character is. And that should be the approach of every mature person.

Also there is no freaking "child abuse" - there are no children in these animation. Not real ones anyway.

Introducing "filters" of this kind is not a direction we'd want to go in. I fear that soon you'd have to *switch them off* instead of on to view everything as usual.

What I do is very complicated: if I really dislike a video (like I writhe in disgust at insects) then I just don't watch it. Sometimes I still get insects by surprise. Such trauma. Move on and deal with real problems, prudes really are a problem everywhere they appear

A function in your account to view materials that are of your liking would be fine, though. Like where you'd put in body type etc. but the truth is that Iwara is still too small for that, even though it's grown considerably over the years

2021-04-10 04:28

A-san hates yaoi, A-san pushes to ban yaoi
B-san hates yuri, B-san pushes to ban yuri
C-san hates furries, C-san pushes to ban furries
And so on
In the end, the place becomes Youtube.

2021-04-10 05:11

Sure you know the sarcasm, right?
I say this because it seems that you do not read well:

.. .. .. or with nudity or videos very badly made that are unpleasant.

Although I certainly don't like futa videos, insect videos and the like, I would never ban it. I prefer not to see them and that's it.

2021-04-10 05:38

Absolutely correct people!! You start banning content and you end up with Youtoob with cartoons. :-P This is the internet, you're supposed to expect most anything, ignore what you don't like and move on! Long live lolicon and toddlercon (my 2 favorite genres) ;-)

2021-04-10 05:58

Guys, he/she's talking about adding a feature where u could hide a certain users videos.
He/She's not talking about Regulating contents all together.

2021-04-10 09:04

a blacklist would suffice

2021-04-10 11:13

@LOWD This is how it starts, first mark them, separate them and then ...

2021-04-10 15:24

OGT, I got your sarcasm there, I'm referring to others who are so into "not regulating" but adding hide options or ... blacklisting. This is how it starts. It happened with Gelbooru. Now you don't even have comments there and special services want your phone number to be able to access "fringe" categories which I consider a trap.

Seriously, you don't like something - don't watch it. An option to hide certain content manually might not be too bad but it would inevitably lead to more censorship. Trying to regulate videos just because you find them "unpleasant" is a stupid idea from the beginning

2021-04-10 21:50
Antichrist wrote:
Trying to regulate videos just because you find them "unpleasant" is a stupid idea from the beginning

considering that Iwara is a site with "unpleasant" videos for normal people.
Anyway, let's forget this topic that in the same way the owners of the site always ignore the suggestions (◑○◑)

2021-04-11 03:52

They do get things fixed at least if a fire is burning. Admin's on our side in the end and by that I mean on both the side of consumers and creators. The most "fringe" materials are being pushed back in results and I think that's plenty the unfairness we need to keep things sane. Yeah, I would also be weirded out if "toddlercon" was in the main results - I don't care for that but I'm not going to call for banning animations. That's silly.

Of course some will disagree, some might call for measures be taken but we have to deal with that. In the end if we can discuss it and maybe later decide democratically or leave it to Admin, that's good enough for me. Cheers

2021-04-12 20:54

People that dont like adult or offensive videos should go to the general side or go to youtube and stop BITCHING

2021-04-14 20:11

I'm with everyone else on this. OP's "suggestion" is how it starts with the broad censorship via the slow-boil approach.

"Will you add a filter?", will turn into, "No one said you had to use it!"

And any replies of "No one says you have to use the site." will be met with tantrums and meltdowns with "ist/phobe/soggyknees/etc..." in an effort to shame anyone who opposes an idea. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THIS! I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT GIVE IN TO SHAME. These jerks use social shaming to get what they want.

2021-04-25 22:47

You can make your own blacklist with this Firefox extension. I have over 200 people on mine. Not because of "offensive" content, but just because they post low quality garbage or make multiple posts every day.

https: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/iwara-user-filter/

What this site needs is real, usable TAGGING, where people can choose to show or hide tags they don't like. There are many examples of sites that do this very smoothly.

But really, come on now. You can see from most thumbnails if a video is going to offend you. Just don't click on the thing. If you frequently end up being offended halfway through the video, well, maybe you should stay on the General side of the site. And if seeing a thumbnail with something you don't like is a traumatic experience, maybe you should not go to any site with adult content.

Also, let's be honest with ourselves here. Even the General side of this site would offend the average person. If you're here at all, you're already watching what most people consider offensive. Should we shut down the whole site because nearly all of its content would make "normal" people cringe? This site, even though it's a mess in a lot of ways, is about the only place people can go to post just about any kind of video. It would be a shame if we lose it due to the sensitivity brigade.

2021-04-26 23:51

Lorithm, this. That's also why I hate "normal" and "average" people but perhaps we're making a bit of a strawman here. Hopefully it's just some very loud snowflakes, that is the case when it comes to social just warriorship of infantile mobs getting offended over everything

2021-05-08 16:19

Agree with the OP on the blacklist feature, or at least filters.
Not gonna target any type of content since obviously there are people who like them but I'd prefer not to have stuff I find disgusting being mixed with the stuff I nut to. It would also make the content I'm looking for a lot more visible.
Iorithm is right though, the site lacks a proper tagging system that would make this so much easier, because I'd rather not blacklist a creator entirely.

2021-05-11 12:37

Idk why everyone is being against the filter that ALREADY exists on iwara, its the (offensive content) checkbox under content rating, unfortunately due to lack of web devs and budget, that feature doesn't work and no, its not cancel culture having that feature being functional, it will hurt no one as the people who dislike that kind of content wouldn't watch it anyways, but it would help not having it wasting space on your feed.
As for now and in the future the addon Lorithm mentioned is a must, it will help you filter out all the content you might find offensive and all of the copycat spam garbage we have seen lately.

2021-05-11 19:41

You can also filter offensive material by staying on the General side. Case Solved!

2021-05-18 08:03

Can anyone tell me who the author of this video is?(https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.xhamste...

2021-07-03 22:46

I get where the sentiment is coming from and I'm all for the options for users to hide or blur thumbnails of videos from categories they disturb them.
Unfortunately with how's currently Iwara barely working (Seriously browsing this website without any problems, slow downs and 502s is pretty rare unfortunately.) this is impossible as there're no working tags and categories. On Pornhub video can be for example uploaded to gay category, so if you don't like it you don't have to see it. But on iwara everything is in one stream so it's impossible to differentiate between yaoi, big tiddy one-samas, lolis, Hatsume Mikus etc.

2021-07-22 08:40

Please leave the site as it is. I don't want it to become Cucktube. If people are offended they should leave. We need freedom and the video creators also need freedom. If you try to ban such videos you disrespect the people who like them and you start to kinkshame. I have a suggestion:
Step1: You click on a video
Step2: You don't like it
Step3: You close it and look for something else

2021-07-24 00:58

the right approach to search for videos on iwara is to click on every single video, because likes and view count but also the thumbnail pictures doesnt tell you anything about the actual video. you will never know if a video is good until you actually saw it first hand. there are no shortcuts and no way of telling a video is bad just by your guess.

otherwise you would never find out about such a masterpiece
yes i know most videos aint no good but you got to search anyways :D
also, the more time we spend searching, the more creators we can promote and recoment :3
Jokes aside, here is a good one for you

But even i have to admit that i dont like the music recently. we can see the increase of english and chinese music while the typical jpop somehow for some unforgiveable reason fade away D; put in atleast some miku music will you? that is indeed unpleassant and troublesome in some way :0 I dont want to be discriminating or anything, but its like non japanese anime, it just doesnt work.

as for contents; the more offensive the better. no social rules, taboos or bonderies wanted. we choose fiction explicitely for that reason. and if you understood than please fk off with your general idea of a normal vanilla world.