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#1 2022-01-14 11:42

[Idea] Report button

Add a 'Report' button to the video or image page, with a drop down list of different reasons to report.
-forbidden content
-incorrect SFW/ecchi setting
-site error

An option to report spam/forbidden comments might be desirable as well.

Users are more likely to report bad content.
Duplicate reports can be automatically consolidated, easing mod workload.
Problem/malicious reporters can be flagged and banned from reporting.
Requiring the reporter to be logged in and provide a short text message describing the problem would discourage report spamming.

2022-01-14 14:11

yeah on site system could be better, there would be few ways to stop malicious reports:
- ips aren't logged I think
- vpns are commonly used for countries where adult content is disallowed
- do you wait for account to reach few months before letting it report? What if they are genuine though?

Currently you make a ticket on support here, on discord server, or you report personally to an mod probably.

I think improving transparency would be good too - I can see mods deleting stuff after reports on discord for example, but it's not always the case - Maybe the report was incorrect? Or it wasn't seen? Would be good to get short explanation in case rules are misunderstood

2022-01-14 16:01

i dont think iwara is bad enough that it needs a report button, you need an instant report button on places like youtube, twitter or rule 34. but majority of people on iwara is very kind and happy.

2022-01-14 22:10

I get it. It's that terrible loli ecchi that's already being censored more and more. We really don't need censoring virtual works to be pushed even further.

While the other ideas are not bad, I fear that in the end this could make Iwara into YouTube. The more people give into censors, the more things they want censored.

There used to be much more freedom a few years ago here and believe it or not, no one actually suffered because of that except snowflakes' manginas. I know your intentions may not be bad but this is not the direction to take even if others disagree with me

2022-01-15 13:35

Antichrist easier reports=/=more strict rules and mods. Check pixiv where you can report easily, there is plenty of content that many people wouldn't like.

Hard to compare to youtube. Youtube for the most part at least is scared of losing advertisers which makes it what it is. There is no such a problem with iwara.

I think it was similar years ago, maybe if you think about early-early times - but then it was just smaller community overall