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#1 2021-10-22 05:24

I wanna find an MMD which I still remember being really good, but never found it again.

IIRC it was a video of kantai collection, featuring Hibiki and RO500, they were doing a dancing collab with the typical red schoolbag and their uniforms, they pull each other's clothes down till they get full naked.
I remember the song being really silly as well.
It was also posted on wallpaper engine but got deleted long time ago, if that helps.

Thank you beforehand.

2021-10-22 19:00


2021-10-22 19:23
2021-10-23 02:18

Download things you wanna keep because once you click off the page it might as well be deleted forever

2021-10-23 04:01
2021-10-23 04:55

like other old video,lot already gone so better get it when still can.

2021-10-23 05:32

@slost you are some sort of freaking wizard genius I have no idea how you identify all these so easily

2021-10-28 12:45

Maybe you're looking for cakeface (the music). But unfortunately I don't recognize the detail that you said. Hope this helps a bit

2021-11-01 08:55

@liebrarian that vids was has it own unique trait so i kind of remember but i usually check at oreno3d*com (i think this site like kind of usefull to search for iwara vids).

2021-11-20 21:03

Yep, that was the MMD I was looking for.
Thank you so much for sending it to me slost.
If you wondered why I didn't reply until now, it was because I don't usually go on the site and I had no faith someone would answer the post.
I forgot I even did the post in the first place.
I later found out that the replies were on the spam folder; don't know why I can't see the replies on the site, tho.

2021-11-20 21:09

@liebrarian Yep, I know. I had the MP4 on my computer; even if the wallpaper gets deleted through steam you still have the source file saved. The sad part was that it got deleted and I formatted without previous knowledge of the wallpaper no longer being on the workshop.