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#1 2021-09-15 18:08

i swear videos made in blender/cinema 4d/autodesk maya (etc.) are almost always the same

for starters, you have your cloth physics, (mainly your sexy/skimpy uniform made by the fellow MMDers on baidu), any Azur Lane character or Miku or Haku, an overused motion (usually by NatsumiSan) for example: Marionette, SHAKE IT, MISTER, Devil, Snapping, THE BADDEST, New Thang, 小鹿亂撞 (小鹿亂撞 is like the theme song of chinese blender videos). it's all the same, all over again, nothing unique. it's hard to find any of these types of video that are actually good, the only person i can think on the top of my head is Forget Skyrim, but most of the time it's all the same. oh and to mention, most of these videos are made by Chinese people (no hate to Chinese people, some of them make really amazing content) but sometimes there is no uniqueness to them and it gets really frustrating sometimes. any thoughts?

2021-09-15 18:26

I have to agree!

I'm actually learning blender myself. I'm trying my hardest to get my loli gals i made in HS2 into blender, i got one girl into there, no textures or rig though, but her mesh is there.

i really want to do blender videos eventually, I would love to do an animated story short in blender, with softcore yuri scenes.

Alas, to the topic. yes they re all the same, the cloth is well... way to silky and flowy, the breasts are waaaay too jiggly enough to knock the girl out if she jumps up to fast lol.

yes, breasts bounce, but not to THAT extent. and sure, it isn't real but blender can render so realistic, the thighs don't jiggle, a subtle thigh wobble along with a butt shake and little stomach quiver can make a 'way over used motion' (I'm guilty of this too, I'm not an animator... a good one anyway) turn from, 'ugh the same' to, 'oh okay that was neat'.

Tone down the fun bags physics a bit, weight paint some new bones for a thigh wobble, be creative with the clothes falling off, with the environments they're in. let the creative juices flow, instead of just, 'I can use blender'.

still though its pretty damn hard work using blender as I'm finding out, so what I just listed I can't do my self and it's probably pretty tricky :/

I'm also not making money off what I'd make and even I want to improve the quality that's out there.

Mr. Pink does the thigh and stomach physics well, I don't like the sin sacks in his vids though :/

2021-09-15 18:31

i tried to attempt to make an mmd blender video, but the viewport was you know, laggy, and plus i am still learning blender so i dont really know what to do. it's fine if you use overused animations (i do too, not saying that you cant) but at least make the video interesting enough. i cannot count how many mmd blender videos that are almost exactly the same, i cant take it

2021-09-16 04:20

yeah, my new pc can handle blender really well (it better its cost me 5 grand plus lol) the only thing limiting me at the moment is my actual skill, and experience using it.

I hope I am able to actually do it, the girls would love to migrate from hs2 maps into more elaborate creations I could conjure up :P

I am pretty new to Iwara, so I've been going through past works on the site way back to 2015 and some creativity in the videos blows away what's made today. they might not look as "good" but man just the situation the girls are in and some have episodic stories too, i especially liked Heckovic's (excuse the spelling) videos. those time seem to be the golden age of Iwara. and I'm sad I wasn't here to try join in.

I want to see, like a proper strip using blender cloth, the character actually gripping the clothes and ripping it off, instead of the clothes just, falling off, which would require adding and removing key frames from animation dances in blender and animating the cloth (I think or it could be simulated I haven't done that yet) it my goal at least.

2021-09-16 06:24

rendering a video is the "easiest" thing in the world. You just need to download everything from the internet, put it together and hit the "render" button, that's why the render (most) of the ones you see all look the same, although some are a complete delight to the eyes, those physics in the cloths are very mesmerizing.
the difficult thing is to do the animations

2021-09-16 22:38

its easy to just get your model, put some clothes on it, give it cloth physics, get a stage, give the model a motion, then the camera work, then render. BAM! you got your blender video. something that most blender/c4d/autodesk maya creators dont want to put in is effort, but i like to put in effort, because it makes a video WAYYY better. but that is the reason why most videos here on iwara are "the same", no effort.

2021-09-17 20:28

any work that was created with no effort has no soul, the more work you put into it the more interessting it gets. generic blender videos are just as bad as generic mmd videos.

I disslike the color and baseline settings of most blender videos, that is a huge no go to me. buzt most blender videos have chinese music, so i just do not care about them anyways.

2021-09-17 20:26

kanoko you will need a powerfull computer, thats for sure.

2021-09-18 05:09

There definitely is a certain type of blender video to the point I at least know what you're talking about but I think most of it is because those are the ones getting the views so people see it and want to make their version of it and the assets are easily obtainable so they can do it. I do all my videos in blender and I personally think they're unique and I spend a lot of time customizing the models tweaking outfits trying to make things interesting but my views are pretty abysmal and the amount of time and effort I put in to them is pretty high as far as I can tell. Luckily I do a lot of it just for the experience and learning how to accomplish things, but like most people have said it's easier for people to just pull together freely available motions, models, stages and then start a render. You also get cloth physics in these other programs as well which most videos try to make that their unique thing so they all end up looking similar since that's the only thing they do.

As an aside I personally think if you don't like those try to do your best to search for the other gems instead of falling for the clickbait. I by no means think I'm a super amazing animation/video creator but I'd like to think I do decent and different videos but when I compare my numbers to pretty much anyone who uses those common models, motions and things they're doing way better than me so honestly there's not much incentive for me to even post my work here since everyone seems to just want the things you're complaining about.

2021-09-19 00:42

i just find it a bit disappointing because there is nothing interesting to blender videos on here (i am not saying ALL of them though, but i cant say i found any "gems" here because i haven't found any "gems" here) but oh boy i found a lot of rocks. i am trying to learn blender, hoping i could advance my video making but idk when that is going to happen. i just wish people who make mmd videos in external rendering software would make more exciting content (only person that i know that makes actually good blender content is Forget Skyrim) but i'd probably have to be the one to do it

2021-09-22 17:06

obviously avoid to download materials from people that make those horrible blender videos
rather try to imitate MMD, the original Project DIVA and Anime by yourself. Blender is an allmighty tool
colors are infinitive important, do not underestemate them.

vyxtra, i think you are en egg that still needs to hatch before you can grow yourself a pair of wings :3 good luck for your experiments :3

2021-09-23 00:19

@Vyxtra Hang in there!

HS2 videos were all kinda... 'samey' here as well, and i decided to buck the trend and go for it. and its working out well (ive actually got fans and interaction with them and its so nice. I notice not a a lot of creators have as much interaction or as active socially on their channel as i am, maybe its cos im new still to iwara *shrug*

im going to check out your stuff now as i also want to learn blender

im in same boat blender wise, im actually trying to learn blender via making my hs2 loli girls there to then jump into my very own video game creation too, so loli hs2 to blender loli vids to game making haha

2021-09-23 00:39

This comment section turned quite toxic, and people that are so judgemental here are either pure consumers or ones that have FPS issues - like the original poster. Yes, people reuse dance motions, there's nothing bad about that - and it doesn't mean that each video is the same. Yes, I don't like some motions, too. Yes, I find Chinese to be difficult to listen to.

Still, I find a lot of what's being published, including by the current majority of Chinese people, to be anywhere from decent to awesome. I can see the repeats but I can also see someone's own input that varies in degree but is still there. This comment section is basically complaining about people liking things that they think they shouldn't like. Well, too bad. Most just like something that 1) looks good 2) is arousing, originality maybe comes third. That's just how it is.

Being only a consumer, though I have to give this opinion here

vyxtra - your work is good quality, you just have FPS issues
kanoko - your ideas are indeed original, you just have terrible FPS issues

Make your videos smooth, work like a mofo to get a machine and come back. If you have originality AND you can produce with a proper framerate videos that shine with quality, you'll have an edge over the creators you'll complaining about

Don't give up, don't feel jealous of views, create to challenge and/or enjoy what you're doing first and foremost

That's my two coins of an opinion

2021-09-23 16:38
maybe its cos im new still to iwara *shrug*

no its because your type of content, you have a very loyal and desperate fanbase who are expecting alot of quality loli content :3 also tons of secret followers, who doesnt dare to come out of the bushes :3

2021-09-23 22:26

"a lot of look alike video"
welcome to mmd bro,
ain't that basicly mmd? usding the same motion/dance/song with a different char
and well, y'know, making original motion is hard

2021-09-23 22:32

i want to use blender too someday
perhaps if i ever get a good enough pc
that will be awesome
damn, imagine that for a sec, my video but with a good cloth and hair physic
and also that level of renders, damn

2021-09-25 19:09

@heavensbait Aww thanks :P im still in awe that people like my stuff XD

@ErenaRin Your vids and creativity + blender = amazing x infinite. i believe in you, i'd say give it a crack. there's a blender addon i found in my blender researching travels called CATS, that can deal with mmd models instantly and the vmd motions. i actually used CATS to bring a Vroid model into blender ... a default vroid model, and it doesnt do anything else but tpose there... but i was pleased with my self lol

2021-09-26 01:15

I've never used Blender or HS2, but I think some people are missing the point here. Blender or HS2 ultimately are just tools. Same with MMD and whatever. We can weight the pros and cons and what works best with your specific intent. But I'd dare say that most creators are looking for a "quick fix." They have their favorite model, stage, motion, outfit, etc. And "BAM!" instant video. And that by no means is bad in itself, but you do end up with the "same" thing after a while. Basically, the creative process is the key. And it's not just coming up with something different or "artsy." It's also being able to know the capabilities/limitations of your tools and finding ways produce result as if you went above those limitation. Then you'll see something new/different.

I am not going to claim that I'm a good compilator so I don't want to come off the wrong way. With that out of the way...

With the exception of one, my slide shows are done on my PC using Window's Movie Maker. Pretty standard fare. But my first maybe four HMVs were compiled in inShot, and the rest were compiled in Kinemaster, ALL on my cell phone. Granted that there are some pretty nice options for video editing on cell phones these day, there are several I've conversed with that were surprised that "all" my editing was done on my cell. It was more in reference to my later works since I'm more proficient with Kinemaster now than I was eight months ago. But still, normally options are greater/better on a PC over its mobile counterpart. I've seen compilations where it's simply a bunch of clips playing one after another with no reasoning/theme to trailer/mini movie production heightening the senses/arousal more than the original content (I'd like to think I'm somewhere in between.). So it isn't always the tools that give you the edge. Actually it can give you an edge/advantage, but how will you use it to your advantage?

"Content limited to 2000 characters, remaining: 12"

2021-09-26 19:05

@Antichrist yeah i know my videos are hard to look at because of the FPS, but im probably the only person who makes videos using a 4400, so im not sure. i do hope to improve because the low framerate is limiting what videos i can make, but my only solution is to get a better pc so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ although i might try my shot at blender, but i might stick with Koikatsu for now cause im used to it, and the blender interface kind of drives people away, so it's a little confusing. i just find most of the content here made in blender is just, boring. nothing exciting, nothin. i do hope i could bring my cake to the table, but that's in the future