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#1 2022-08-05 16:26

I can't fix this weird shading/normal glitch

The model looked fine until I loaded Ray-MMD.
I tried reversing faces, averaging normals near, inversing the normal, no success.
I don't think its to do with the lighting either as the dark spot is always at the same spot wherever the model goes.
10q in advance :|


2022-08-05 20:09

Are you handling normals in PMXEditor or Blender?
Since you have altered normals, have you tried using main_ex_noalpha.fx in MME or inspected the texture? It may be a transparent or dark spot on the texture.

2022-08-07 08:15

maybe something transparent but its outline casts shadow on that spot.
or the inner layer of that cloth comes out,you can't see it since it is transparent from this side,but it can cast shadow.

2022-08-07 10:19

The model had the inner cloth only for that part strangely, and I was able to cleanly delete all the extra vertices.
The model works perfectly now!
Thanks a lot for everyone's help :D