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#1 2021-09-25 04:55

Full body editing problems

Is there any easy way to swap body?
I have a sfw model with cloth, and a nude model.
I want to make a model with both fullbody and cloth.
Can anyone help?


2021-09-25 09:13

your link is not working.
google it. exchange of heads in pmxeditor.
in devianart there is a lot of documentation about that

2021-09-25 09:30


It'll working now.
I know how to swap head. This model has both nude and safe versions. The nude one doesn't have any clothes.
I want the one with cloth to have fullbody too.

2021-09-25 09:45

aaah, that's relatively easy to do.
what you have to do is ... or rather what I would do is ...
To the sfw model you erase all the parts of the body exept the clothes and also erase the parts of the head and also erase all the Joints and Rigid bodies from the hair.
then you combine both models and finally you only make a morph of alpha 0 material
I recommend you look at the Sour Miku model so you can see how it is made, use it as a guide and do something similar

2021-09-25 09:47

Thank you

2021-09-25 10:33

Delete skin hair etc material from model with clothing then save
Open the nude model, then import the first one, you may also need to add material morphs if you haven't already.

Also remember to make a backup before you do this

edit: nvm, a glitch happened where I couldnt see rest of the comments