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#1 2022-01-23 12:33

Does anyone know where MMDer vispocc has gone?

This is his Iwara page, I really like his work, but he disappeared after uploading his last work in 2017. He also didn't leave other contact information such as twitter in the profile. Is he okay? Can anyone still get in touch with him? T.T

2022-01-23 13:44

he left in 2017/2018 with the first wave of quitters, i guess. since than it has become more comon that creators quit. but it happens all the time, its nothing unusual today and it is important to say that it has no bad effect on iwara, things just roll just as good or even better than before D; we can affort to lose like 80% of creators and still be able to keep going strong. In fact things are so unbreakable that we hardly even noticed when kuro@vov quit iwara.

I wish those creators best of luck where ever they are, but the general idea to bring iwara down by leaving is not very smart D;

2022-01-23 14:28

To heavensBait:
"Bring Iwara down"...... Well, I don't think all creators who have left have such a bad relationship with Iwara XD
As I know, many creators left because they encounter difficulties in real life, they may be troubled by physical reasons, busy work, or their works found by their real friends and family etc. that Forcing them to delete all their works.
I have also watched kuro@vov's works, they are amazing, according to his twitter, he stoped creating MMDs because he has a serious headache, it makes him unable to create MMD anymore.
I always believe that Iwara is a place full of kindness and love, many excellent authors have brought us wonderful works for about six or seven years,
I don't think their leave must be malicious, such as want to "bring Iwara down" and so on.
Honestly, the quit of every excellent Creator will make me very sad. Whatever, all I can do is wish them all luck in life, and look for more excellent creators come to Iwara.

2022-01-23 15:59

sure, i was refering to the most mallicious intention. but as they say, prepare for the worst and hope for the best, so it was just a scenario. most people here just having fun, nothing to worry about :3

2022-01-24 23:27
In fact things are so unbreakable that we hardly even noticed when kuro@vov quit iwara.

nah, anyone who really likes prinz, murasame, kongou, suzuya, and the other girls he made videos with noticed and still feels the loss. he had a style that's not really replaceable. this is just my personal preference, but if i could snap my fingers and have kuro@vov start making videos again at the cost of 100 other creators quitting (including myself) i'd do it right now :D

2022-01-25 16:24

yes it felt like a main pilar of iwara broke away , and it hits deep and hurts. But apperently we become so strong and big that we manage to overcome this loss and it was not the end of the world as we know it D; we spread many little baby cancer cells that will keep doing the work of god dont worry <3

2022-01-25 16:35

It's good to keep an optimistic attitude and face everything, I also know that my sadness cannot bring back these talented creators.
But I still feel very sad when I found a good author, but he had left. In fact, it is an irreparable loss for us that some excellent author left :(
Now, of course, we have many excellent creators, but I still wish every creators can stay, even though I know it's impossible.
Anyway, thanks to all the creators, they spontaneously spent a lot of time and energy to bring us wonderful works, I hope all of them have a good life.

2022-01-25 20:29

If you love the videos and are a life time fan of them invest in some 4tb usb hard drives and you will have them forever to watch anytime you want to and not just keep them in your hearts giving you sadness. (Quote from DNTeabear about an Anime he loved. Heavens Lost Property)

2022-01-26 06:42

To DNNinetail:
In fact, I have two 4TB usb for save MMDs from Iwara. When Iwara's name was still Trollvids,I started downloading my favorite MMDs, I've been doing this for seven years.
So what I want to say is that my sadness is not because I missed the pass works of these authors, but because I think that they may never create new works.
It's sad to leave, isn't it?

2022-01-26 08:20

When a video creator that I liked Quit or their account was terminated I got all the videos I liked from them so Im happy to have saved many Yes I was A Member just before they changed the name to Iwara. I had and are still having fond memory's today.

2022-01-26 09:11

Yes. I also got a lot of good works and good memories here. In a sense, we have to thank all these authors for bringing us wonderful works